Howard wanted to let High Pitch Erik explore his newfound homosexuality this morning so he brought in the professionals to put him to the test.

Let it not be said that Howard Stern isn't an equal opportunity employer

On his show this morning, those opportunities also extended beyond High Pitch Eric but included Falcon Studios Group exclusive Alam Wernik, porn stars Eddie Danger and Aaron Savvy.

arad winwin fucks alam wernik gay porn

This isn't the first time Howard has been gay porn friends,

If you recall, just last year ...

JJ Knight was the opening act in Howard's Cocktober Suprise.

The next day ...

Skyy Knox, Gabriel Cross, Rikk York, and Fernando del Rio

Then, Howard recruited the likes of Falcon Studios Group exclusives Austin Wolfe and Johnny V as ...

... a special present for George Takei.

Today, It was all about helping High-Pitched Eric explore life outside his newly jettisoned closet.

Howard assumed since Erik had confessed to having sexual fantasies about celebs likes Donnie Wahlberg and John Stamos, he would jump at the chance to finally get physical with one of these good-looking guys. But no one expected Erik to come clean about having a crush on Chris Wilding, who was willing to come in studio and give the Wack Pack what he so desired.

But as it turned out, Eric only had the eyes for Howard's staffer Chris Wilding, who was willing to come in studio and give the Wack Pack what he so desired.

“How far up do you want me to go,” Chris asked while kneeling in front of Erik. “I want to make sure you’re comfortable … this is your first gay massage.”

The only touching Erik was interested in from one of the naked guys before him was a friendly hug from Alam.

“Alam, I’ll just give you a hug because you look like Justin Bieber,” Erik told him. After embracing the nude dude, High Pitch told him he smelled good and complimented his cologne.

However, Woody Fox had no such trouble deciding on what to do to Alam. It was just a matter of deciding what he wanted to do first and whether it would be airborne.

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