Are You Willing To Pay His Price?

“If “Black Swan” were a film about a male escort rather than a ballerina, it would be something like “Aleksandr’s Price” although a bit more relentless, frank, blunt and realistic.”

In “entertainment” speak, a triple threat usually refers to a performer who can sing, act, and dance.

On this Qreel Tuesday, in “Aleksandr’s Price”, directed by David Damen and Pau Masó, we have a triple threat of a different kind.

Aleksandrs Price qreel gay indie filmThis is a movie that tugs at your pulse, balls, and mind at the same time.

Considered a psychological drama film, “Aleksandr’s Price” is set in New York City and stars Pau Masó, Anatoli Grek, Josh Berresford, Samantha Glovin, and Keith Dougherty.

Aleksandrs Price qreel gay indie filmThe film tells the story of an illegal Russian boy in Manhattan who after losing his mother to suicide, is drawn into becoming a male prostitute.

Aleksandrs Price qreel gay indie film“Aleksandr’s Price” at the same time is a gritty exploration to American youth in New York City and the excessive use of alcohol and other drugs in the gay community.

Aleksandrs Price qreel gay indie filmHis only friend Emma (Samantha Glovin) attempts to help him by introducing him to a club owner, but the man offers him a job as a pole dancer rather than a waiter. Initially hesitant, Aleksandr finds himself enjoying being watched and desired; and his first sexual encounter with another man has his partner – married businessman Keith (Josh Berresford, AVERSION) – mistaking him for an escort.

Aleksandrs Price qreel gay indie filmAleksandr reluctantly drifts into escorting. After a bad experience in which he is drugged and has no memory of what transpired, Aleksandr tries to search for a legitimate job but drifts back into prostitution more out of a need for human contact than the ability to pay the rent

Aleksandrs Price qreel gay indie filmHis profound loneliness and the increasingly dangerous situations he finds himself in start to take a tole on his sanity to the point where he cannot even trust himself with those who seem to genuinely want to help him.

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