alessandro haddad mateo drago nakedsword

How To Celebrate Ciñco De Mayo

“I want to find some local boy who’s really hung and doesn’t speak English.” Mission accomplished.

“The Layover” from NakedSword Originals makes one final stop today, just in time to crack open the cervezas for Ciñco De Mayo in Puerto Vallarta.

Airline employee Alessandro Haddad has a thing for the local men. Beers aren’t the only thing that gets cracked today. Newcomer Mateo Drago provides the cracking as Alessandro provides the crack.

alessandro haddad mateo drago nakedswordWe began with Mickey Taylor plying his tatted dick first in that crazy flip fuck with Brian Bonds, then deep into Colton Grey. In between, it was muscle hunk Jason Vario who played gladiator in Michael Roman’s colosseum. Today, it’s Alessandro who resumes Mickey’s quest for as much dick as he can get in a 24 hour period. But after he meets up with Mateo, he opts for quality over quantity. Smart man.

alessandro haddad mateo drago nakedswordAlessandro gives good great face. It never takes him very long to find a man.

alessandro haddad mateo drago nakedswordToday, Alessandro and Mateo found each other. And almost as quickly, Alessandro found his mouth filled with Mateo’s pinga. After a long, languid licking, Mateo flipped Alessandro on his back and starts exploring his ass with his dick while his hands languished over Alessandro’s body and throbbing cock.

alessandro haddad mateo drago nakedswordThe dicking gets deeper and faster as Mateo bends Alessandro over the couch and turns up the heat.

alessandro haddad mateo drago nakedswordOnto missionary and the mission to seed. With Mateo stabbing in and out of him, Alessandro explodes all over his tight, ripped abs. A kiss. A twist. And Alessandro extracts a heavy nut out of Mateo. And with that, it’s adios for “The Layover”.

[Watch Alessandro & Mateo in “Fuck’N’Go In Mexico” scene four from “The Layover” at NakedSword]

The Lays Of “The Layover”
alessandro haddad mateo drago nakedsword
Scene one: Mickey Taylor & Brian Bonds in “Lucky 21”
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Scene two: Jason Vario and Michael Roman in “Jackpot In Vegas”
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Scene three: Mickey Taylor & Colton Grey in “Grey Skies Over L.A.”
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