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Alex Mecum Joins The “Epic Facial” Club

Whoever said there’d be no snoball fights in Hell was dead wrong. This isn’t as much Alex Mecum nearly drowning Adam Ramzi as much as the “Cumming of Armageddon.”

“2 Men Kiss” from TitanMen continues its hardcore exploration of “the bolt of electricity that courses through every hard inch when his lips touch yours” that began last week with the debut of Liam Knox.

And as if a pairing of hairy studs isn’t, unfortunately, rare these days, Adam and Alex are so connected in this scene; it’s like watching lovers that have been apart for too long.

alex mecum adam ramzi flip fuck titanmenFreshly cropped, Adam Ramzi is looking especially handsome today. Alex sure thought so. Every time they look at each other, their toes curl with the kind of lust we only see when two, hot gay man are more than just down to fuck – and they’re captured by a studio that knows how to brings every ounce of their passion to the blue screen, not throttle it.

alex mecum adam ramzi flip fuck titanmenThe title is “2 Men Kiss” but these two seems to be devouring each other, starting with their lips and working inside. Once Adam breaks free and moves south, he unveils Alex’s perfect hole like a Christmas present – then eats it like dessert.

alex mecum adam ramzi flip fuck titanmenAlex is biting his lip and arching his back – joyfully giving Adam an all-access pass to drive in as deep as possible.

alex mecum adam ramzi flip fuck titanmenAfter seeing Alex with Bruce Beckham, the flip fuck that comes next isn’t as unexpected as it is the opposite. The passion grew out of the primal with Bruce. Today, the primal grows from the passion. Alex pummels Adam until Adam covers his chest with a noteworthy explosion. Immediately after, and with Adam still dripping in his own juice, Alex fires off rope after rope until Adam is soaked from pecs to beard. Then, oh yes, these “2 Men Kiss”.

[Watch Alex Mecum & Adam Ramzi in “2 Men Kiss” scene two]

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