Alex Mecum Alessandro Haddad Zander Cole Falcon

Alex Mecum Drives The Fuck Train

Contractors Alex Mecum, Alessandro Haddad, & Zander Cole were supposed to be putting the final touches on the bedroom but ended up finishing off each other instead.

We’ve been watching the progress of the dream home of “Property Lovers” and Falcon Studios Group exclusives Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight.

There’s been a lot more fucking than working going on. And that goes double today.

Actually, make that triple.

Alex Mecum Alessandro Haddad Zander Cole FalconAlex Mecum continues his reign as one of the most handsome men in gay porn today. He reprises his role as the lead contractor and also back is newcomer Alessandro Haddad as the gardener. The addition today is Zander Cole as the interior designer. We haven’t seen him since Sean Zevran started a friction fire with his ass. Today, it’s Alessandro and Alex who are the fire starters.

Alex Mecum Alessandro Haddad Zander Cole FalconZander is adjusting the new lamp shade when Alex comes up behind, rubs his bulge on Zander’s round ass and soon, they both need an adjustment of their own – as in an adjustment right out of their pants. Seeing Alex’s big meat, Zander drops to his knees and turns into a magician: he deep throats Alex until every inch disappears.

Alex Mecum Alessandro Haddad Zander Cole FalconWhile Alex’s face is buried in Zander’s hole, Alessandro slips off his clothes and slips his cock right into Zander’s mouth. Next, Alex resumes control of Zander’s throat while Alessandro starts fucking Zander’s ass. The fuck train is now off and running.

Alex Mecum Alessandro Haddad Zander Cole FalconAlex extricated his cock and takes in the view – before taking Alessandro’s hole as he continues to nail Zander. Alessandro moves and starting fucking Zander’s mouth while Alex takes his ass. The pressure causes a chain reaction. Alessandro shoots a massive load across Zander’s pecs, Zander explodes all over himself, and Alex hoses down Zander with his load. They might be the homeowners, but they sure are “Property Lovers”. And what’s not to love?

[Watch Zander, Alessandro, & Alex in “Property Lovers” scene four at Falcon]

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