[UPDATED] Alex Mecum & Carter Dane Have A “Little Announcement”

Alex and Carter are not content with being part of the problem. They are taking on being part of the solution and have a new website to make to happen.

[UPDATED July 23] Mid-June (see original post below) gay porn power couple announced their fundraiser for the Rainbow Railroad to combat the targeting and abduction of gay men in Chechnya as well as embattled LGBTQ people around the globe.

YouTube even removed their video for a brief time – but the Alex Mecum and Carter Dane fought back that fast and that hard that it quickly was restored and as of a few hours ago … updated …

Rather than losing steam as the summer wears on, Alex and Carter are digging in with more options to help a very worthy cause …

Alex Mecum and Carter Dane: using their powers for something good. I could get used to that.

[Oirignal post — June 18]Alex Mecum and boyfriend and CockyBoys exclusive Carter Dane have taken to the airwaves.

No, it’s not about a change in family status, pictures of their new four-legged off-spring, or anything related to upcoming commercial endeavors.

This a feel-good porn star story: I look forward to more like this.

“We are sooooo very excited and inspired to do this in support of Rainbow Railroad and the LGBTQI community. You may visit rainbowrailroad.ca today for more information,” ~Alex and Carter.

As RainbowRailroad explains on their website, “in response to the confirmed reports of abductions, detentions, enforced disappearances, torture and deaths targeting over 200 gay and bisexual men in Chechnya, Rainbow Railroad immediately went to action to assist those in danger.”

On their youtube page, Alex and Carter acknowledge others joining them in raising money at the upcoming Montreal Pride on August 18 for RainbowRailroad: Falcon Studios Group exclusives Skyy Knoxx and Johnny V, Bryan Hawn, and fleshjack.com, jjmalibu.coma, getstudioready.com, CockyBoys.com, and FalconFtudios.com.

No, you don’t need to attend Montreal Pride to support the cause. And a reminder that our current administration’s no tolerance immigration policy now include asylum seekers – which means LGBTQ people seeking a better, open life free from the fear of percussion for whom they love, this announcement couldn’t be more welcome.

Alex and Carter, thank you.

We will keep you posted – watch this blog.


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