Alex Mecum, Malik Delgaty

Alex Mecum Delivers A Baby While Getting Fucked In The Ass

Every single day I wake up and every single day I have to go find out what fresh level of hell is going to make me watch while I’m awake.

For today’s slice of ungodly content, the site is pushing out a scene that features Dr. Alex Mecum assisting in a birth while getting fucked in the ass by the mother’s husband, Malik Delgaty. That’s right – we get the pleasure of watching a fake pregnant woman give birth as two men fuck right next to her in secret.

Anyone who watches scenes regularly will know that dumb scenes like this are pretty normal for the site and they’re especially normal for scenes on the site that feature Malik Delgaty.

The model has only been filming content with the site for a couple of months, but we’ve already seen him in a ridiculous frat video, a brother-fucking sock puppet scene, and a really weird video that shows a grandma sitting on a dildo that slipped out of Benjamin Blue’s hole.

I mean, Malik is good in the scenes, so I see why keeps putting him in these ridiculous situations, but can we mix it up a little bit? Can he just be in a regular fuck scene that doesn’t involve him cheating on his screaming wife?!

So what do you think about scenes like this? Are they too much? Do you like having a laugh before you jerk yourself off? What type of scenes do you want to see Malik Delgaty in?

Sound off with your thoughts below and be sure to head here if you want to watch this entire bareback hospital fuck scene when it drops later this week.


21 thoughts on “Alex Mecum Delivers A Baby While Getting Fucked In The Ass”

  1. This shit has to stop. Pathetic ‘comedy’ scenarios are not hot. Just show hot guys with real chemistry fucking each others brains out. That’s literally all we want and it should be so easy.

  2. i think this is so hot…the betrayal of his wife/gf/bm to fuck that hot doctor behind nothing but a curtain…Alex Mecum is sooo hot too. such a sneaky fuck working on the delivery while playing with her man

  3. i wont waste my time on this absurd crap WTF used to be a great site but its getting worse every month who wants to see women in Gay porn its bullshit Alex Mecum im disgusted in you

  4. I don’t know why they keep making content like this. Why do they continue to come up with scenarios where men fuck in front of women (a girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother, etc.). I don’t find it interesting in the least. I don’t know who finds this a turnon. I don’t know any gay men that are turned by this. If they’re trying to be diverse by having straight people in the clips that’s not really going to bring straight or bi viewers. I just honestly don’t get it. I mean, the entire situation is so absurd SNL did a skit about it.

    1. Universal Potentate

      At some level, I think it’s JUST performative. I don’t really see this kind of porn as jack off material. But maybe it gets the studio noticed or there’s some other unseen incentive. It definitely IS comedy or mockery, possibly of “str8 dudes” who have a girlfriend and a boy toy side piece.
      I mean, imagine “funny” porn where a gay-married guy sneaks out with his fag hag who “turns him straight” for the night.
      Yeah … it just doesn’t really land for any audience, does it? Even fag hags.
      We just have to accept that it’s NOT jack off porn, we don’t fully understand the motivation but maybe we can enjoy (or tolerate) it for what it us, whatever that may be.

    1. You’re drooling over someone who wouldn’t come within 20 feet of you, unless she was getting paid to do so. Raise your standards.

  5. Can we end this fking stupid streak of dumb porn already?? It’s not funny the first time, it’s not funny now. And porn isn’t supposed to be funny. But now they make it fking stupid.

    1. And the streak continues with a dumb ass scene of Joey Mills and Reese Rideout fucking in front of his girlfriend at the airport. It’s so stupid. Studio porn is ruined. I just go to cam shows now for my fix.

  6. Yawn. If Malik doesn’t want to kiss a man, suck dick or get fucked in the ass, gay porn is not the place for him. He can literally be replaced by a dildo glued to a piece of plywood in every one of his scenes and you’d never know the difference. PASS!

  7. NO! Just NO! Malik is hot but to squander such talent on a tasteless, trite, storyline is a total waste. And please, no females unless it’s a bisexual scene. Alex, your hammy winking sucks.

  8. I don’t find it hot to watch in the slightest. The joke is getting old, for sure. I appreciate the effort and creativity but it’s time to move on.

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