alex mecum & dirk caber

How Alex Mecum & Dirk Caber Turned “Daddy” Into A Verb

Dirk Caber takes Alex Mecum on a guided journey through Daddy Land today that leaves him covered in cum and never wanting to leave.

Brendan Phillips, Alex Mecum’s partner in the first part of “Irresponsible” is typical of the guys we’re used to seeing him with. Today in part two, we jump a generation to Dirk Caber. Dirk has never been in better shape or looked hotter in his life. He sure leaves his mark on Alex Mecum. All over that handsome face.

alex mecum & dirk caber
Dirk Caber is a smart man. When he had the chance with a hot stud like big dicked Jack Hunter, he made sure he got his cock and his ass. Today, he does the same with Alex Mecum but there’s something more to it. It’s the way Alex wanted to make the most of his chance with Dirk right back that really makes this a ball churner.

alex mecum & dirk caber
Alex fucks Dirk first. Then in one of the most organic flips, Alex sucks Dirk and fingeres his hole until Dirk then tosses Alex on back. He opens Alex’s hole and sucks his dick at the same time that had Alex’s toes curling and his dick leaking. Watch and learn boys.

alex mecum & dirk caber
Then he gives Alex a sweaty, flying face-to-face fuck that leaves Alex’s hairy abs covered in his own jizz. Then it’s Alex’s scruffy face that really gets pelted.

alex mecum & dirk caber
These are just the first couple of warning shots. There’s much more to cum. Literally.

[Watch Dirk Caber & Alex Mecum in “Irresponsible Part 2“]

1 thought on “How Alex Mecum & Dirk Caber Turned “Daddy” Into A Verb”

  1. Dirk Caber is the best daddy of them all. I imagine he’s what my best friend will look like in about 20 years and I hope he’ll finally take a dive-then, if not now.

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