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Alex Mecum Invades Dustin Holloway’s Hideaway

When a paint job becomes a rim job and the rim job becomes a fuck fest, you don’t need to be a homeowner to join the “Property Lovers”.

“Property Lovers” from Falcon began last week with the exterior of Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight’s dream home when Brent and the gardener Alessandro Hadad did some mutual seed planting.

Today, we move inside as painters Alex Mecum and Dustin Holloway arrive and almost immediately, Alex moves inside Dustin.

alex mecum dustin holloway falconWhen Alex Mecum made his first scene, I asked out loud if he was the hottest gay porn arrival of 2015. It didn’t take long to answer that question. He was hot right out of the gate. Two years later, this hairy stud is more buff, more handsome, and high on everyone’s boyfriend wish list. No wonder one stick of his big dick was all it took for Dustin Halloway’s eye to roll back in his head.

alex mecum dustin holloway falconWhen Dustin puts on the stilts to get to work on the ceiling, one look at his ass and Alex decided the painting would have to wait. During their high-stakes rim job, Dustin unzips Alex’s jeans, liberating that big bone. That’s all it took to get Dustin back down to earth and Alex’s dick down the back of his throat.

alex mecum dustin holloway falconAs Alex breaks his way into Dustin, just look at Dustin’s face. That’s one happy bottom. Then again, who wouldn’t be looking at Alex while being impaled on his cock?

alex mecum dustin holloway falconAlex and Dustin are too lost in the moment to realize Brent has returned home. Rather than bust them, he hides to watch them bust their balls. He doesn’t have to wait long. With Alex deep inside, Dustin shoots across his stomach. Alex grabs his dick and jerks out a huge load onto Dustin’s torso. Studs like this turn us all into “Property Lovers”.

[Watch Dustin Holloway & Alex Mecum in “Property Lovers” scene two at Falcon]

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