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Alex Mecum & Matthew Bosch’s Super PACk

While their sexual appeal has attracted a broad constituency, this flip-fucking Political Action Committee of two only has eyes, and big dicks, for each other.

Premiering right in time for the Iowa Caucuses in what feels like a lifetime ago of this past January, “Cauke For President” ushered in a new era at TitanMen. Under the direction of Jasun Mark, they set out to show that message porn, toe-curling sex, and even a bit of fun is not mutually exclusive.

With the election now five days and counting away, “Cauke For Free” picks up the story. Voting no on Prop 60 is up to us. But when it comes to our broader rights, former Senator Mike Cauke is on it. And he’s brought friends.

[Watch “Cauke For Free” at TitanMen]

TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch as Senator Cauke and Jesse Jackman’s former U.S. Rep. John Colby have joined forces with Sgt. Daniel Bingham, USMC (ret.) (Alex Mecum) and Washington insider Seth Murray (Bruce Beckham) to form what else: a super PAC to fight LGBTQ discrimination against House Speaker Ryan Paul (Alex Graham) and special agent Bo Hunter (Jason Vario).

In the first scene, our former Senator is very personally thanked by a former marine, who was fired for his sexuality. alex mecum matthew bosch flip fuck titanmenWhen the original Cauke movie debuted, TitanMen risked a lot on the then newcomer Matthew Bosch. His standout performance, and the many that followed earned him a well-deserved contract renewal. This is Alex Mecum’s TitanMen debut. Two hairy, handsome, big dicked men in a scene together is pure TitanMen heaven. And so is the scene.

alex mecum matthew bosch flip fuck titanmenEven in the BTS pictures, the connection between them was a real ball tugger. Rather than filming a scene, it looks more they were on their tenth date and a film crew crashed it. Just check out Sgt. Bingham (Alex) sucking the Senator’s (Matthew) fat dick. You can’t script lust. Today is dripping in it. Amongst other things.

alex mecum matthew bosch flip fuck titanmenCauke’s uncut monster was throbbing when it was his turn to return the favor. It started throbbing even more when Sgt. Bingham mounted his furry ass and went into those capitol hills the hard way.

alex mecum matthew bosch flip fuck titanmenThere’s a reason there’s no pictures of them looking into the camera. Neither Matthew or Alex could keep their tongues out of each other’s mouths long enough for one to be taken. Their characters followed suit. The men flip and the Senator becomes the aggressor. Until it’s time to flip once more.

boschmecum-2Sgt. Bingham liberates a huge load out of Cauke’s cock then he covers that hairy torso with blasts of his own. Then the hungry Sergeant licks his load off the Senator’s chest before dripping it into his mouth. And that, guys, is how a bill would become a law in a Cauke administration.

[Watch Matthew Bosch & Alex Mecum in “Cauke For Free” scene one]

If early voting is available in your state, have you done so yet?

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  1. Alex Mecum make Me Cum everytime. He’s just damn beautiful. He’s so flawless, handsome, furry, muscular, perfect in every sense.

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