Alex_Riley, Zach_Letoa

Alex Riley Gives Zach Letoa a Dreamy Dicking

Woken by his own dreamy, deep dick desires, Zach Letoa wakes.

In a horned up haze, the hottie is led down the hall to sultry, sleeping beauty, Alex Riley’s bed by his horny hunger.

Alex_Riley, Zach_Letoa Alex_Riley, Zach_LetoaAlex_Riley, Zach_Letoa

Half asleep, and led by erotic instinct, the dick hungry duo put each other through the paces till Alex’s ample appendage pushes every ounce of Letoa’s looming pleasure to the surface.

Alex_Riley, Zach_Letoa Alex_Riley, Zach_Letoa Alex_Riley, Zach_Letoa

Zach busts all over Riley’s bed, instinctively marking his territory till his raw ramming roomie wakes him up with a fountain of fuck to the face.



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