Alexander_Garrett, Rego_Bello

Alexander Garrett & Rego Bello Return to Badpuppy as Husbands!

Returning to Badpuppy as a married couple, Alexander Garrett and Rego Bello have been together for 7 years and married now for three.

Alexander is more subdued and Rego admits to being a little wild and crazy, liking to spice things up. Rego makes a beeline for Alexander’s shorts where he shoves in his hand, grabbing Alexander’s bulging, uncut cock.

Alexander_Garrett, Rego_Bello Alexander_Garrett, Rego_Bello

Rego pulls Alexander’s shorts off and swallows the entire length of Alexander’s thick dick. After enjoying Alexander’s cock, Rego sits back on the bed. He and Alexander strip off his shorts and Alexander goes to work orally pleasing his husband’s thick piece of meat. The two are soon sixty-nineing and moaning with pleasure.

Alexander_Garrett, Rego_Bello Alexander_Garrett, Rego_Bello

Alexander climbs on top of Rego’s cock and slowly slides down onto his thick shaft. Alexander starts riding up and down, his own hard cock bouncing each time Rego’s cock hits bottom. Alexander intently rides Rego’s dick driving it as deep inside himself as possible. The two of them roll forward on the bed with Rego’s cock never coming out of Alexander’s ass.

Alexander_Garrett, Rego_Bello Alexander_Garrett, Rego_Bello

Alexander goes from being on his knees with Rego pounding hard from behind, to rolled over on his back with his legs pushed back into his chest. Alexander starts jacking his cock while Rego continues pounding his ass. Alexander’s balls tighten as his stroke lengthens and soon, he blows a thick load of jizz all over himself while Rego licks at his balls.

Rego leans forward and begins licking the cum from Alexander’s cock while he strokes his own rock-hard cock. It only takes a couple of strokes of his hand and he is squirting streams of cum all over Alexander’s balls and cock.



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