Nick Fitt, Clark Davis

All We Need Is Love (Just Like Nick Fitt and Clark Davis Show in This Stairwell Scorcher)

These lucky studs get to suck and fuck each other whenever they want during quarantine, and we get a taste of how great they are together in this hot ‘Mind Fuck’ pairing.

You can’t keep your eyes off Clark Davis in the opening shot, his chiseled body framed by a dark background as he sits in a leather chair. His huge boner is bursting out of his tight briefs, and you might have a hard time deciding which part to focus on: that tight stomach or that big, girthy shaft. I mean, just look at this stunning vision…

Clark Davis

I wanna lick all of that! Soon, we get a great aerial shot that looks down on those abs and cock as Nick Fitt starts to feast on his lover. I love a good cock worship, and this is a GREAT cock worship. Nick knows his way around this dick, and it shows. He takes it deep and slobbers on it, with Clark offering some hot dirty whispers along the way (“Spit on my fucking dick!“). We also get some great side shots of the suck (my favorite!), which really show off just how big and beautiful Clark’s cock is.

Nick Fitt, Clark Davis Nick Fitt, Clark Davis

After face fucking Nick, Clark turns around so his cock-hungry friend can eat his jock hole, and once again we get great overhead shots that look down on their toned backsides. Rotating back to feed his eager friend some more dick, Clark first gets stroked as Nick spits down big wads of spit on his shaft before getting sucked again (“Fuck yeah, I love this dick so much!”).

Nick Fitt, Clark Davis Nick Fitt, Clark Davis

Clark wants a shot at Nick’s ass. His desire to feel Nick’s hot shaved hole wrapped around his big throbbing cock take over, and before you know it, Nick’s legs are up around his shoulders, and Clark is drilling super deep. He jacks Nick as he fucks him (“You like that big fucking dick in that hole?“), Nick nice and hard as gets railed—the bottom gripping on to the stairwell rods for dear life as Clark goes faster.

Nick Fitt, Clark Davis Nick Fitt, Clark Davis

Nick can’t help but bust his hot load while Clark is still pumping and thrusting. Getting ready to bust, Clark pulls out and squirts his hot load all over from Nick’s abs and chest. But we get more hot shots as Nick then strokes their cum-soaked cocks, then slurps on Clark’s wet dick some more before standing up to kiss him. As they smooch, Nick lines up their big glistening dicks and jacks them together for one hell of a final shot. Great job, guys!

See the full scene at Falcon!


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