Allen King, Chuck Conrad

Allen King Holds On For Dear Life as He Gets Destroyed By Chuck Conrad

We’re no strangers to seeing big and burly Chuck Conrad assume the Sasquatch role (see: his woodlands destruction of Sam Ledger), so seeing the hairy beast do it again comes as no surprise. And because he does it so damn well, we’re not complaining!

It’s time to head back to the forest, where contemplate wanderer Allen King is appreciating nature…when suddenly he is approached by the big-bodied, big-bearded and big-footed stranger! (For those keeping track—yes, we did just see Allen get manhandled outdoors by Paddy O’Brian).

Allen King, Chuck Conrad Chuck Conrad

Allen King, Chuck Conrad

Allen King, Chuck Conrad

Chuck shows off his aggressive side immediately, using his man hands to force Allen’s head down on his big bulge. He then pulls the cutie up and takes off Allen’s shirt, then shoves him down again to give him a dick whipping and a face fuck (I’m loving all of this!). Chuck then pounds Allen doggy, the bottom gripping onto a tree for dear life as his body hangs midair.

Allen King, Chuck Conrad

Allen King, Chuck Conrad

Allen King, Chuck Conrad

Allen King, Chuck Conrad

The alpha then lifts Allen up over his shoulder and carries him up the hill for more hard pounding in both his holes, including a sit-down fuck where he grips the bottom’s neck as he fucks him—Allen’s own boner helicoptering like crazy. Chuck also holds the bottom up again for another midair fuck (this is quite a wo0rkout!). Then Allen gets a facial as the muscle man (his hot pecs shaking!) jacks out a load. Do you like Chuck in his beast mode?

See the full scene at and at Bromo!


13 thoughts on “Allen King Holds On For Dear Life as He Gets Destroyed By Chuck Conrad”

  1. I read somewhere that Chuck died last night and he was hit while eating a triple cheeseburger from In and Out and a car actually ran over his weiner

  2. Allen King is gorgeous, but he needs to learn to be more humble. Does Chuck only work with extremely young boys? What a strange habit! Will it be a preference?

  3. Hopefully the police is looking into Chuck. He definitely likes barely legal if even that! Sick fuck!

  4. Chuck Conrad seems like a pedophile. He has sexxwith barely legal little boys, disgusting! He will end up in jail.

  5. I’m telling you right now, of your man, the giant burly, Chuck Conrad is actually gay for pay, that’s gonna send a lotta gay dudes into a fuckn tailspin!! Holy shit his a lotta man!

  6. Chuck Conrad always goes for barely legal twinks. He probably trolls the playgrounds for the underage. Gross.

  7. Cock hungry bottom Allen King is a gift of the porn gods to worthy tops. Fortunately for Allen the porn gods have been generous in gifting him out.

  8. Chuck Conrad should meet Kyle Denton, Ryan Russo, Dex Devall, Ryder Owens, Paul Wagner, Kam Stone, Cole Blue, Caden Jackson, and Scott Riley

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