Meet Alonso: ChaosMen’s New Cum Machine

Brian at ChaosMen wrote, “Alonso is one of the few models that I ever have approached at the gym. I didn’t really know how to.” Fortunately for all of us, he figured it out.

Unlike what we’re likely to see at the debates tonight, today Sean Cody and ChaosMen have a lot in common. They have both found men much hotter than their typical Monday fare. Even more notable, while their supplied “back stories” often have a way of making us want to back away, they both seem pretty on point today and make their men all the hotter.

First, it was Brysen at Sean Cody. Now we have Alonso from ChaosMen.

alonso chaosmen soloWe learn quickly that Alonso has been married and divorced twice and is done with the dames for good.

alonso chaosmen soloHe’s got a cute butt and not afraid to do a little shake-shake with it either. And that big, uncut dick on the flip side is a thing of beauty.

alonso chaosmen soloChaos says “fluid” in relation to his sexuality.”

alonso chaosmen solo“I’ve gone as far as oral, giving and taking,”is what Alonso says right into the camera.

1833-chaosmen_alonso_solo_gif_11Alonso is the epitome of both the “strong and silent type” and “tall, dark, and handsome.” He also explodes like he’s been saving that load since the last election. Will he be returning to ChaosMen to get serviced or more? Watch this blog.

[Watch “Alonso” The Solo at ChaosMen]

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