And The 2011 Grabby Nominees Are…Everyone!

If you had anything to do with gay porn in 2009, 2010, or 2011, congratulations! You’ve been nominated for a 2011 Grabby Award. The big show is on May 28th in Chicago, and here are the nominations.

Samuel Colt, Steven Daigle (or “Steve” Daigle, or even Steven “Diagle”), Austin Wilde, Jesse Santana, Conner Habib, Shane Frost, Riley Price, and Brent Everett all have multiple nominations. So does everyone else. Raging Stallion, Channel One, Jet Set, Randy Blue, Hot House, Titan, Colt, and Falcon all have 29,474 nominations each. One piece of analysis and then I’ll get to copying and pasting everything: Like the Cybersockets and the GayVNs (and any awards show in any entertainment genre), the Grabby’s have little to do with what was actually the “best” of the year and more to do with putting on one big publicity love fest, which is fine! I can’t wait to get drunk at them and have fun. Like last year, I’ll be covering the show and all the surrounding events throughout Memorial Day weekend.

Here are the nominees. The obscene amount of typos are not mine.

Hottest Bottom
Brent Corrigan
Rod Daily
Josh Harris
Angelo Marconi
Landon Mycles
Riley Price
Craig Reynolds
Mitchell Rock
Todd Rosset
Jesse Santana
Vince Ferelli

Best Solo
Conner Stevens
Big Load/COLT

Dominic Pacifico
Big Wood/Falcon

Jason Longh
Raising The Bar/Channel 1 Releasing

Kris Evans
Step by Step/Bel Ami

Mark Dalton
Getting Levi’s Johnson/Jet Set Men

Park Wiley
Brutal 2/Raging Stallion Studios

Remy Le Beau
My Summer Vacation 1/Citi Boyz

Shane Frost
Shane’s Pool Party/Jock

New Comer
Eric Austyn
Brandon Bangs
Kennedy Carter
Landon Conrad
Drew Cutler
Steve Diagle
Jimmy Durano
Kris Evans
Jayden Grey
Jake Lyons
Landon Mycles
Riley Price
Angel Rock
Brandon Wilde

Best Versatile Performer
Benjamin Bradley
Rod Daily
Tommy Defendi
Shane Frost
Adam Killian
Kyle King
Wilfried Knight
Brandon Lewis
Luke Marcum
Matthew Rush

Best Actor
Dean Coxx
Jersey Score

Brett Everett
Grand Slam

Brandon Lee
Affermative Blacktion

John Magnum
Trust Me I’m a Doctor

Casey Monroe
Getting Levi’s Johnson

Ricky Sinz
Brutal 1&2

Nicco Sky
text,lies and video

Chris Rockway
text, lies and video

Best Supporting Actor
Kevin Cavalli/Jersey Score-Jet Set Men

Samuel Colt/Crotch Rocket-Mustang

Brent Corrigan/Getting Levi’s
Johnson-Jet Set Men

Conner Habib/Raising The Bar-Channel 1 Releasing

Adam Killian/Raising The Bar-Channel 1 Releasing

Angelo Marconi/Brutal 1 & 2-Raging Stallion Studios

Diesel Washington/Getting Levi’s Johnson-Jet Set Men

Bren Wyson/Brutal 1 &2-Raging Stallion Studios

Bren Wyson/Grand Slam-Channel 1 Releasing

Best Director
Chi Chi Larue
Raising The Bar/Channel 1 Releasing

Chris Steele
Getting Levi’s Johnson/Jet Set Men

Doug Jefferies
Grand Slam/Channel 1 Releasing

George Delroy
Kris&Dolph/Bel Ami

Jeremy Lucido
text,lies and video
Randy Blue Production

John Bruno
Big Wood/Falcon

Kristen Bjorn
Costa Brava/Kristen Bjorn

Kristofer Weston
Stud Ranch hung n’strung/BUCKSHOT

Paul Wilde/Tony Buff
Kennel Master/Titan Men

Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond
Attraction/Raging Stallion Studios

Steven Scarborough
Loading Zone/Hot House Entertainment

Tony DiMarco
Brutal 1&2/Raging Stallion Studios

Best Movie
Attraction/Raging Stallion Studios
Big Wood/Falcon
Brutal 1&2/Raging Stallion Studios
Costa Brava/Kristen Bjorn
The Dude Show 1&2/Hot House Entertainment
Fuckin’ In Europe/World Of Men
Getting Levi’s Johnson/Jet Set Men
Grand Slam/Channel 1 Releasing
Kris&Dolph/Bel Ami
Raising The Bar/Channel 1 Releasing
Slick Dogs/Titan Men
Stud Ranch hung n strung/BUCKSHOT
text, lies and video/Randy Blue Productions

Best Porn Blog
Chronicales of Pornia
Gay Fleshbot
Gay Porn Times
Jack Manly
Jason Curious
Man Hunt Daily
Nick Young xxx
Queer Me Now
Starr Fucker
The Sword

Performer of the Year
Samual Colt
Landon Conrad
Race Cooper
Drew Cutler
Rod Daily
Steven Diagle
Brett Everett
Kris Evans
Conner Habib
Adam Killian
Wilfied Knight
Brandon Lewis
Angelo Marconi
Landon Mycles
Austin Wilde

(Even more categories here.)

25 thoughts on “And The 2011 Grabby Nominees Are…Everyone!”

  1. another year and and i have been in a lot of the movies nominated best picture, art direction, movie of the year blah blah blah point is I just might have the most movies out there and still never nomination for poor ol DO’C WTH??? lol Congrats to everyone that was nominated though! Everyone knows I love the industry but hey cant a girl get frustrated? Guess ill have to pander to porn politics again lol Ill be there probably presenting im sure … “always a bridesmaid and never the bride” *tear* oh and just in case we forgot here is a list *work*! ok sooooo 8 seancody, 1playgirl, 2 buzzwest, 3 perfectguyz, 2 falcon, 2 jetset, 6 cruiserboys, 1 youlovejack, 13 live and raw shows, 2 c1r movies, 1 dirkyates , 4 live shows for dirkyates, 1 massage creep, 1 baitbus, 1 hazehim, 10 for Jeremy Hall’s college site, 14 custumguys, 2 Brent Corrigan, 4 for the Brett E. 3 hothouse, 2 buckshot movies, 3 suit 703, 1 men over 30, 3 or 4 circlejerkboys that just to name a few i think there are more though hmmmmmm let me keep thinking ……. and there are about 9 foot fetish vids and then there is 1 for colt, there are many many more but as you can see a lot of work cant even get me a mother fn nomination really come on im not on meth not on roids and i do have a good head on my shoulders soooooo whats up with that?

  2. I wrote a whole epic post, but I think the internet ate it. I did notice that several of the performers I was checking for were conspicuous by their absence, but didn’t know it was a total Lucas Entertainment shut-out this year. Which is really sort of sad, because while Chris Porter’s a glaring oversight on the Best Newcomers list, Logan Stevens is missing too. He did five really good scenes, and carried the narration of one of the most interesting porn-with-plot films I’ve seen recently. If a lack-luster performer like Brandon Bangs can get nominations. . .(Please imagine my judgmental face.)

    And Sex Addict, the aforementioned movie, and Trapped in the Game were really good as a whole IMO. Lust was really fun, and Men in Stockings was totally a niche title — but the pairings would have been hot with or without pantyhose. I mean that one should have gotten something just based on the Spencer Reed & Phillip Aubrey scene.

    The man’s prone to jerkass behavior in public & questionable political opinions, but he really knows how to make movies with naked people in them.

  3. I’m surprised Tucker Vaughn wasn’t nomminated for hottest bottom. I think he’s only topped twice so far and it’s obvious by his videos that he really enjoys bottoming.

  4. Zach, can you get a statement from them on how Lucas Entertainment did not earn ANY nominations? Tha should be very interesting.

  5. At least The Grabby’s actually hand out AWARDS to the winners! Unlike the GayVN’s produced by Naked Sword that have yet to give any winner a statue. Maybe the statues got held up at the meeting over at Showtime about what time slot to air the GayVN’s in.

    1. What are you talking about, “At least GRABB’S actually gives their awards out”? I’ve been waiting for my BEST RIMMER award since last June. Grabby’s keeps telling me “We’re waiting for it to get here in the mail, so we can get it to you” since July. (Note to anyone dealing with me in the future: You can tell me “sorry we can’t get it for you”. I’ll respect you more for that than stringing me along for 9 months)

      Oh, and let’s not give the GRABBY’S too much respect; for being a Gay Porn awards show, they sure as hell misspelled a lot of performers names wrong. They misspelled performers names they’ve been dealing with for years; not just newbie. They misspelled my name, and I “won” the Co-Hosting spot last year…

      I’ll go this year; since they were still so kind to nominate me. But I’ll go because I’ll have an awesome weekend in Chicago with a great family of horny fuckers who want to have a good time.

  6. Given how many nominations Samuel Colt received it seems that the nominations ‘committee’ might be a little enamoured with Mr Colt. Perhaps that is the reason that Chris Porter was not nominated.

  7. Agreed. How does Brandon Wilde get nominated and hes done what 1 scene in 1 year? Kennedy carter and Riley Price deserve this award.

  8. I agree Best Newcomer SHOULD go to Riley Price and Kennedy Carter! Thatd be great if the 2 headed ginger monster won that category. (Grabby judges pick 2 winners)

  9. Why is there even a “best actor” category, I refuse to believe anyone of those nominated has the ability to “act”. Uta Hagen would be rolling in her grave. Yeah, no Chris Porter nom, that is some bull shizz, especially since all the New Comers have all been in the biz for a while. And no noms for Dink and his boys, damn you “Grabby’s”. I was hoping to molest Kaden. :( I plan to make it up there for that weekend, so I’m hoping to grope as many porn stars as possible!! You’ve been warned people!!

  10. Hey Sword,
    Congratulations on YOUR nominations, pretty awesome: Best VOD Site, Best Mega Site and of course Best Porn Blog! Like a fine malt liquor, you have it in the bag!

    Chris Porter belongs on this list, he’s one the greatest performers I’ve had in front of my camera.

    Good luck to everyone, its going to be a fun party.
    How many costume changes Chi Chi, HOW MANY!

  11. All the usual suspects that most porn customers have learned to ignore over the years. All coming together to ass kiss each another and lie about how great they are. Keep living in your dream world folks and suing the downloaders. By next year your numbers will be half. Your target market (fly-over country) is even bored with the crap you put out. Try raising the prices of your god-awful DVD’s that should help. Three cheers for free internet porn it’s thinning the herd of the porn company whores. Like the dinosaurs they never learn.

      1. Well believe it or not third grade comprehension-ist, this blog does more than simply butt kiss the major studios, Ch Chi la Rue and you. They have witty writing and also talk about web sites, gay news and current events to name but a few.

  12. I have to say after checking out the rest of the nominations…How are some of the Best Performer Sites nominated when they didn’t even launch until late Nov/Dec or Jan? Couldn’t wait til next year?

  13. How is Landon Mycles a newcomer? He’s been making porn for like four years now, is it because they changed his name from Marcus Mojo for a year? I think he totally deserves the other nominations but not best New Comer that should go to Kennedy Carter or Riley Price. Also how is it that Chris Porter did not get nominated for anything?

    1. They should just do 5 nominations for Best ‘ New Comer’ Landon Mycles ,Riley Price, Chris Porter, Landon Conrad,Steven Daigle

      Those are 5 guys that should be there.

  14. Obviously Michael Lucas will have a word or two.
    Me? No Brandon Manilow, no care.

    Is Chris Porter so quickly “over”?

  15. HAHAHA,

    The industry might have starved Me for work last year, but I still pulled 3 nominations out of 2010. 2nd year in a row nominated for Best Supporting Actor/Best Ass eating. First year I was nominated for Best threesome. Whew I thought I was going to Grabbys and not be nominated for anything.

    Note to the Studio/Site Power holders: YOU ARE NOT GETTING RID OF ME!!! I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE….

    Big shout out to all the people that was nominated this year, its going to be a good party in Chi town!! Can’t wait people!!! Oh to the Secret Admirers…..

    Don’t you want to rip your hair out now?? HAHAH

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