Andrew Christian Model Pablo Hernandez Apparently a Singer, and a Bottom

It’s a shame that Pablo Hernandez will never fuck me.

And he looks a little bit like too much of a bossy muscle bottom for me to handle, so I’ll pass.

But now he has a whole Madonna-parody single, “Bitch I’m a Bottom,” and a music video for it, just to make sure we all know what a bottom he is — just in case we missed the sex tapes.

Boner killer, anyone?

Also featured in the video is Pablo’s porn star boyfriend, Lucas Entertainment model Drae Axtell.

9 thoughts on “Andrew Christian Model Pablo Hernandez Apparently a Singer, and a Bottom”

    1. lol Pls, don’t generalize, most of my friends and I hate this shallow piece of s+++ and we are from Europe…

  1. he’s cute and gay-and-bottom-proud, the perfect catch for me:)
    Song is quite okay actually.
    PS I’d love to see them flip flop drae and pablo i mean, both are born bottoms

  2. well, i got a boner and love to top him (but drae axtell evne more!!) anyway good clip and the “song” isn’t that bad either, good rythm and tune

  3. ArmondRizzosTarantulaPussy

    Are you guys fucking kidding? If you have a cock, he will fuck you. Haven’t you seen those videos of him all methed out and getting raw fucked by a wildebeest? Trust me, you have a chance.

  4. Well he was being honest here so it’s good for him. One thing I advise him not to gain so much muscle it wasnt look good only gay top could carry that.

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