Armond Rizzo Finds A Sex G-d In Lord Andrew Stark

It takes more than a mere mortal to quench Armond Rizzo’s insatiable sexual need. And his thirst. Today, Andrew Stark takes care of both.

“Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2” from Falcon began in Lord’s (Andrew Stark) realm. Then we went to the lair of Devil (Dean Monroe) for a hedonistic collision of flesh that was quite literally, from another world.

Today, one of Devil’s former mignons, Rogue (Skyy Knox), has found his way to Earth. When he arrives at Lord’s club, his agenda is initially unclear. The same is not true for Lord and his trusted sexual acolyte, Alleycat (Armond Rizzo).

andrew stark armond rizzo facial falconExotically seedy and entrenched in mystery, the club is also the office for Lord’s disciples. Barfly (Johnny V) tends watch as Henchman (JJ Knight) is dispatched to investigate who betrayed Lord. But it’s the club’s dancer, Lucky (Brent Corrigan) who first encounters Rogue (Skyy). The meeting drips with sexual intrigue amid a bewilderment not yet understood. It will be. But for now, the moment belongs to Lord and Alleycat.

andrew stark armond rizzo facial falconOnce again, the nuances and character development obtained by director Chi Chi LaRue speaking volumes of the talents of all concerned. The simple sharing of a cigar and it becomes clear. Alleycat isn’t just a courtesan of the Lord. He is Lord’s property. Their devotion is both passionate and primal. And theirs is one of those rare sexual couplings that has only grown more intense over time.Today, Alleycat again uses every one of his mastered techniques to render pleasure to his master.

andrew stark armond rizzo facial falconReclining on his throne, Lord’s cock is an invitation Alleycat lives for.

andrew stark armond rizzo facial falconLord is still buried in Alleycat’s hole as he picks him up and continues his bidding. Visually, this underscores Lord’s, and Andrew’s, physical supremacy and sexual dominance.

andrew stark armond rizzo facial falconUltimately, Lord deposits Alleycat on the desk and pounds a high-flying load out of him. As Alleycat kneels, Lord explodes across Alleycat’s cheeks and into his open mouth. This facial can be described with a word that also described this film: epic. Alleycat dutifully drains every drop as the evidence of his devotion drips down his face.

[Watch Armond & Andrew in “Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2” scene three at Falcon]

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