guysinsweatpants bareback

Andrew’s Raw Triple

Despite the dry desert climate, Andrew ended up very well hydrated from the inside out.

As soon as the GuysInSweatpants found a secluded spot, their sweatpants came down revealing dicks that were already up.

When the temperature started to drop, Justin and Andrew moved their fuck fest indoors and decided to expand the guest list.

guysinsweatpants bareback
Even soft, Justin Edwards has a fat, impressive piece. Much to Andrew Collins’ delight, Justin doesn’t just show. He grows.

guysinsweatpants bareback
Once they got back to the house, Justin got back in Andrew and made the insatiable cum lover spew up a white storm of his own.

guysinsweatpants bareback
Justin loaded Andrew first and passed the seeping bottom off to Austin Wilde, who seeded him again. Then Liam made it a triple. Bottoms up!

[Watch Justin, Austin, & Liam triple load Andrew at GuysInSweatpants]

Have you ever fucked in the great outdoors?

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