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Andy Star’s Latest Black Hole

Rodrigo joins the line of men who have cum before him in leaving Andy with a gape usually only created by quantum physics.

Tim Kruger has done it.

So has Devon Lebron.

And ditto for Santiago Riviera.

At Tim Tales, it’s not just that the dicks are as big as you find anywhere, is that their owners know how to use them and do so relentlessly.

That also means they have bottoms that can take it. And none better than Andy Star.

andy star rodrigo tim talesAnd even fewer anywhere can take it while looking as hot as Andy. Tim Tales is introducing a new top who is as handsome as he is hung. Rodrigo is a ‘Brazilian macho from Manaus. He’s got this beautiful, massive cock ready for destruction.” And as we know by now, Andy Star’s hole moonlights as ‘destruction junction’.

andy star rodrigo tim talesEspecially for a cocksmith like Andy, how much of Rodrigo’s dick is still left out when Andy’s throat had already reached maximum depth is quite the visual. But Andy is a trooper. He took the lead in opening himself up.

andy star rodrigo tim talesNo. No camera trickery and Photoshop tomfoolery. Rodrigo fucks him this fast, this hard, and this deep almost the entire scene.

andy star rodrigo tim talesIn. Out. In. Out. In. Out. And dismount. No rinsing, but plenty of repeating until Rodgrio moves that battering ram of a cock from wrecking one hole to drowning another.

[Watch Andy & Rodrigo in “Rodrigo Fucks Andy Star” at Tim Tales]

He’s got mainstream looks and backroom talent. I never thought Andy has gotten the props the deservers. Does he light up your porn universe too?


4 thoughts on “Andy Star’s Latest Black Hole”

  1. This is not the first time Rodrigo fucked Andy Star. He had 2 or more scenes before. One of them Rodrigo pushed his feet in Andy’s ass hole and double fucked hum with another dude

    1. I mean it’s wither condoms or HPV, but than again this is andy star so I’m sure he’s got that hole all used and abused by now.

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