In this week’s Social Snapshots, Joey Mills is ready for his closeup, Bruce goes hard at the gym, Rocco makes us drool, Max is throbbing, Colton shows off his magic skills, and Roman just wants some damn tacos.

So much happens on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube that it’s easy to miss some of the highlights. Here’s some fun things from the last week or so on social media. What's your favorite post? Vote in our poll below!

1. Joey Mills and Angel Rivera come to blows.

“Tell me how bad you want it.” Real, real bad. See more of Angel and Joey at their former home of Helix!

2. Bruce Beckham is so vein.

What a coincidence! My favorite place is a locker room with a naked Bruce Beckham, too! Catch more of Bruce at

3. Rocco Steele has a way with word.

Just a reminder: He’s not even hard here. See more of Rocco!

4. Colton Grey is a magician.

He makes 11 inches disappear! Bravo, Colton…bravo! See Colton in his award-winning role!

5. Max Konnor blows us a kiss.

Can we blow you back? (That pulse at :14…I can’t take it!!!) See more of Max at Noir Male.

6. Drake Masters' week was kind of assy.

That smile!!! See more of Drake at Raging Stallion!

7. Tease of the Week: Josh Moore

Can you imagine walking in on that?! See more of Josh!

8. Jake Tyler goes public.

Jesus, those steps look steep! Be careful!!!  Catch Jake at Next Door Studios.

9. Clark Davis strokes us to sleep.

I sleep with a fan by my bed, too. And a boner. Catch Clark at CockyBoys!

10. Skyy Knox’s fans are dedicated.

How far would you drive for him? See lots more of Skyy at Falcon!

11. Ricky Larkin takes a mouthful.

Do you think he’s gonna spit or swallow? See Ricky at Raging Stallion!

12. Johnny B made his flight!

We’re excited too, JB! See more of Johnny at Next Door Studios!

13. Paul Cassidy does ball squats.

Can I do ball spots? See more of Paul at BelAmi!

14. Roman Todd wants tacos, dammit.

Can you blame him? (And I know...fuck me with that voice!!!) See Roman get dirty in Room 106!

15. Adam Ramzi rocks out…

…sadly, without his cock out. No worries…you can see plenty of it!

16. Logan Moore makes us wait for it.

Totally worth it! See more of Logan!

17. Tex Davidson does us proud!

Tex Davidson

Tex Davidson

You look great, Tex! We’re behind you! See more of Tex at Titan!

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