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Love, Lust, & Longing: Italian Style

“Another World” may have been filmed in Italy, but its story resonates with every gay man from Ithaca, Israel, Istanbul, Iceland, and anywhere and everywhere in between.

As we discussed last week, there’s finally something new and exciting in the gay entertainment universe.

NakedSword Film Works (NSFW) and Breaking Glass Pictures (BGP) have launched the premiere LGBTQ video streaming service “Qreel”.

It’s not that gay cinema is as small as even the most culturally aware among of us have been led to believe.

It’s that most of it is too much for mainstream streaming services and theaters. As a result, it’s been largely confined to film festivals and away from your eyeballs. Until now.

From award-winning features to captivating documentaries and progressive short films, Qreel provides a vast and constantly expanding library of queer cinema with new additions every week.

New at Qreel today this is “Another World” from director Fabiomassimo Lozzi.

“Another World” is a multicolored kaleidoscopic journey through a varied and multi-faceted aspect of the human experience that is rarely represented on the big screen.

another world gay cinema qreel“Director Fabiomassimo Lozzi presents a gripping drama about the current state of Italy’s gay culture by weaving together a tapestry of intimate monologues. Conceived as a vision of Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven, this experimental narrative touches on the joys, heartaches, and political struggles that all gay men — whether old or young, from big cities or small towns — must face in the modern world.

another world gay cinema qreel“Much of the dialogue is derived from true-life interviews with gay men, imbuing the film with authenticity and timeliness. Even in the film’s darkest moments — those depicting violence and self-loathing — viewers will discover a haunting beauty and an honesty that is at times brutal. With each monologue, however, the film journeys into the light and ultimately affirms both the triumphs of the gay rights movement and the continued need to fight homophobia.”

[Watch “Another World” at Qreel]


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