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Anthony Takes The Rapp In “Bwoy”

Exploding with issues of sexuality, trauma, and race, John G. Young’s romantic drama is a cautionary, contemporary tale about meeting strangers online.

Anthony Rapp adds some star power to John G. Young’s romantic drama, “Bwoy”, just added today on this Qreel Tuesday.

“Bwoy” takes it title the Jamaican patois for “boy,” and introduced Jimmy Brooks playing the title character.

Told in large part on smartphone and computer screens, the drama begins following a family tragedy.
Brad (Anthony Rapp) and his African-American wife Marcia (De’Adre Aziza) lost their young son in an unfortunate accident.

anthony rapp bwoy gay indie filmCloseted and confused, Brad finds solace in an online romance with a hot 23-year-old Jamaican, Yenny (Jimmy Brooks). He and the ebullient Yenny fall into a daddy-son dynamic that unfolds in an intimate, increasingly steamy series of texts and video chats.

With blinders to everything but the dark-skinned virtual lover who calls him Daddy, Brad pushes away the painful, guilt-ridden memories of the dark-skinned child who was his son.

Adds the Hollywood Reporter, “Young’s story poses another complex question, and one that grows more urgent as Brad grows obsessed with Yenny: Can a not-quite-real relationship, and one in which we know at least one party is lying, be a source of personal truth and self-realization?

In other words, it gives everyone; gay, straight, single, parents, and online enthusiasts, more than just one thing to think aboutin how they all work, or can wreak havoc, on their actual reality.

‘Bwoy’ follows Brad O’Connor, who, after the death of his son, becomes entangled in a chaotic and passionate online love affair with Yenny, a young Jamaican man (newcomer Jimmy Brooks). With both Brad and his wife Marcia seeking solace in destructive ways, their lives and relationships are pushed to the brink, culminating in tragic confrontations that no one can avoid.”

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