Anthony Romero High-Fiving His Way To Success

If you only read one interview with a gay porn star today, read my interview with gay porn star Anthony Romero. When did he know he was gay? What does he think of Cody Cummings? How many hours a day is he sitting on his boyfriend Austin Wilde’s dick? His answers might surprise you!

The Sword: Where are you right now?
Anthony Romero: I’m in my apartment.

Where do you live?

You’re not at Austin Wilde’s house?
No, he’s on vacation in Hawaii.

I’m sorry. Is it hard being away from him?
It’s nice to take time apart from your loved one. When you think of how to commit homicide and get away with it after being with someone all the time, you need time apart. I love him dearly, but before he left we had been together for like four weeks straight.

You two seem like a really fun couple.
We are. We make fun of each others’ races. We make poop jokes. We high five after sex. He is my best friend.

Do you ever get jealous of each other for being hot or for fucking other guys? Is that a thing?
It used to be a thing. With any new relationship you have to learn how to fit into each others’ lives; I had to learn that he’s obviously my boyfriend for a reason. I’m not just one of his scene partners. And the person he’s pounding for a scene is just that, his scene partner.

So you’re cool watching each other with other guys?
Yeah. One of the last shoots I did was with Tyler Torro by the pool. And right next to the pool is the window and Austin was inside the house at the window taking pictures of me getting plowed. We’ve grown a lot together.

Before you met Austin, did you ever think you’d date a porn star?
Before I met him, I had no idea if I could ever date a porn star. But once we talked, I realized that yes, he’s a porn star, but really he’s also just a small, half black child with a huge penis who happens to do porn.

Your work has mostly been with Next Door Studios?
Right. And I actually just signed as an exclusive with them, so I’ll be shooting with them every other month. There needs to be a gay man on Next Door Studios who is a giant bottom.

You haven’t done that much porn and you don’t have another job. How do you pay for stuff?
I have a sugar daddy and his name is Austin. I do have money saved, but my full time job is being Austin’s hole.

Would you move to St. Louis to be with him?
I would love to move there. At the end of school maybe. I really want to make art for the rest of my life. I love photography, and I used to paint a lot. I write a lot, too. I don’t know if I could make a living doing any of it, but it would be extremely satisfying walking into someone’s house and seeing my pictures on their walls.

What do you do in your private time, when you’re not having sex and/or tweeting about the sex you had?
Twitter and sex are huge parts of my life. In the one hour of the day that Austin and I aren’t on Twitter or sitting on each others’ dicks, we might hang out with friends or go to the gym. There is also a lot of time sitting on the couch in front of the television, watching South Park.

Who in the adult industry have you met that you’ve liked?
The Bel Ami boys.

Anyone else?
Oh, yeah. Chi Chi, Tommy Defendi, you obviously, Erynn Vuh…Vuh…Vaehne, mr. Pam, Naughty Laura. I loved almost everyone I met at the Grabbys.

Do you feel fat right now?
As I was growing up, I had a lot of body issues, but I’ve gotten over a lot of it. I used to hate myself and my body; I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. Now, I’m okay with eating junk food, and then working my ass off in the gym. I’ve matured a lot. Every once and a while I wish I had Nicco Sky’s ass, but it’s normal and natural to want more.

What do you think of your co-worker Cody Cummings? He’s not homophobic, is he?
No, in my opinion, he is not homophobic. He knows what he wants to do and he does it. Whether or not we like it, that’s his job. As much as I’d like to see him get fucked, he, by the grace of God, has made a career out of getting blowjobs.

Your thoughts on gay-for-pay porn stars?
If you’re gonna do gay porn, you might as well do fucking gay porn. It’d be so much hotter if you could suck it up and take it like a man. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with gay-for-pay, as long as you actually do something gay. Saying “I don’t fuck you, kiss you, or blow you” isn’t gay for pay. That’s called getting a blowjob for pay.

Did you always know you were gay?
When I was a little kid I had a strange dream and I remember waking up and grabbing one of my football dolls and trying to search for his dick. That’s the first memory I have of anything “gay.” Later, I was in 4th grade and remember telling my girlfriends how much I loved Nick Carter. I always hung out with girls, actually. I was such a little queen. I didn’t know I was doing gay things when I was doing them. I didn’t even know what gay was. I think I said I was “bi” for a while, too. You know, bi now, gay later. I finally got my dick sucked by another guy when I was a senior in high school.

How come we never hear about you and Austin getting into fights?
Just because there’s drama doesn’t mean people have to know about it. We’re a normal couple. We might be “hot” or do porn but we have just as much drama as every other couple. It just doesn’t go online. Some things aren’t other people’s business.

Are you telling me you don’t want people knowing every single detail of your entire life?
It’s true, I don’t. I don’t want to be a dramatic person. Rather than make drama, I prefer to make hugs. Or cookies.

[Next Door Buddies: Anthony Romero]

[Twitter: Anthony Romero]



30 thoughts on “Anthony Romero High-Fiving His Way To Success”

  1. Good interview. Anthony seems mature and intelligent. And I like his take on Cody Cummings. I think he put it exactly right. He is indeed Bj-for-pay, not gay-for-pay. This is the reason he says he doesn’t like the term, and he’s one of the reasons I’ll never join Nextdoor.

  2. The models that do the whole porn couple thing always get this my-shit-don’t-stink attitude, and then it all ends a mess.

    When you are out of porn, then get in relationship..until then it’s there’s not really much point.

  3. Nice interview, cute couple… It is difficult to be a high-profile couple and still have your private time. Sounds like they are finding a good balance. I wish them all the best!

  4. quick as a whip, love him. he’ll go far and see a lot of success, no bones. and i sincerely wish him and austin all the best, they’re hysterical together.


  5. These guys sound cute together I hope they make it. Loved his rather make hugs or cookies over drama comment :)

      1. It seems to be in a mixture of Russian, Spanish and French. Approximately:

        Алло…. Видишь ветер? – Hello… Can you see the wind?
        Ayer hacía sol… Ну и что? – Yesterday was sunny… So what?
        Посмотри в окно. Bien? – Look out the window. Good?
        Queiro decirte les mêmes mots. – I want to say the same words.
        Я contestador… Нет никого. – I’m answering… There is no one.

        1. Obviously I made a typo in “Quiero” there. Any mistakes in the Russian… blame Google translate. My Russian vocabulary is very basic!

        2. At least he chose something nice and meaningful to etch onto himself FOREVER. :-/ Sounds like the last words of Dutch Schultz.

  6. “Some things aren’t other people’s business”
    How refreshing not to want every aspect of life broadcast to the world, I think I love Anthony a little bit more for that comment.

    1. Lol that’s just how Anthony is. His word choice, even on twitter just shows his intelligence whether it’s him just making his point across or him being as sarcastic as possible :)

      1. I am not saying he sounds stupid at all and he seemed like a reasonable nice guy. But I found his tendency to turn every answer into some kind of cheesy dirty talk middling at best. Otherwise, no harm done. Friendly guy and his take on how to advertise – or not – his relationship with Austin is impressively mature – despite the subtle and understandable dodging on the jealousy issue.

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