Apple is Not Dicking Around

An Apple a day keeps the dick heads away in more ways than you know.

Apple’s sleek design innovations often leave their competitors’ offerings looking stale by comparison. Things like a hidden antenna here or a set of perfectly aligned input slots there don’t happen by accident. Apple is known for its attention to detail. As Mashable points out, no detail escapes their scrutiny. Not a one.

A recent revelation shows this meticulousness applies even to the company website, where a tiny chunk of HTML code prevents from a word being interpreted in the wrong way.

The little trick was unearthed in a tweet by developer Dan Leech earlier this week. On its El Capitan page, Apple used a “span” HTML tag around the world “click,” adding some extra space between letters — probably to make sure it doesn’t look like the word “dick”.

It’s a simple trick, and nearly invisible to the untrained eye. But some users replied to Leech’s tweet, posting how the same page would look like without the “span” tag, and it’s immediately obvious why Apple did it.

And, of course, a few users played with the font kerning even more, with even more obvious results

So take that haters. Even with a gay CEO, Apple isn’t dicking around. But for some dicking around with our cover boy, Kyle Kash and his golden ass …

[NakedSword Originals: Fame Game, Ep. 2 with Killian James]

2 thoughts on “Apple is Not Dicking Around”

  1. I thought this was going to be about how Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter somehow turned into a beefcake dude and got into gay porn. I think I would have liked that to be true.

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