Arad Winwin, Jim Fit

Arad Winwin Celebrates Valentine’s Day By Stretching Out Jim Fit

We all have our own way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Some of us may just stay home and masturbate to some new porn, some might gift their partners with chocolates and roses, and others might celebrate the romantic holiday by slapping on a condom and ass blasting Jim Fit’s hungry hole.

Okay, that might not be an exactly universal experience, but it is what muscle hunk Arad Winwin just did to show his big V-day spirit. In the latest room for GayRoom, the fan favorite porn star can be seen taking on Jim, who is rocking a red singlet on a literal bed of roses, using his cock to fill him up, and pulling out to reveal the bottom’s hollow hole. Take a look below at some of the gaping romantic action:

So what do you think of this V-day hookup? Will you be tuning in for the full video? Which porn star do you want to be your Valentine? Sound off with all your hot thoughts in the comments below and be sure to watch this full vid over on GayRoom!

[Watch The Gift w/ Jim Fit & Arad Winwin]


7 thoughts on “Arad Winwin Celebrates Valentine’s Day By Stretching Out Jim Fit”

  1. Arad aka the pussy fucking “gay” guy who fled his home country and prosecution for homosexuality just to do bisexual porn with a female. He’s lame, he’s not gay and he’s boring as fuck.

    1. sorry but he is great as a top, can kiss as the best, and is a good cocksucker, moreover his penis is abosulteyl the right size

    1. Arad’s small penis does not bother me as much as his self-absorbed, lifeless persona. Jim Fit is just terrific though and I hope to see more of him!

  2. good question which pornstar i would love to be my valentine? As a top only i mainly go for hot twink/twunk bottoms : joaquin rodriguez, rizzo, full-time papi, diego grant/fulltime papi, exxteavao, alam wernick, jong master, osnaya, elio chalamet etcetc. Regrettably some of them seems to have disappeared to my greatest regret

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