arad winwin fucks taylor reign

Is Taylor Reign The New King Of Hearts?

You might remember him with a different name from a different time. But all grown up now, he’s pretty unforgettable.

Once upon a time in the land of the twinks was a cutie named Alex Vaara.

He made the rounds on the College Dudes, Next Door Twink, Helix, and Cocky Boys circuit.

And now he’s back with a new name and a new and new and improved body.

Plus a brand new confidence of a young man who knows exactly what he needs from another.

First, a pit stop at The Sword’s Pornback Machine™
arad winwin fucks taylor reignFew have the transition from twink to twunk so spectacularly.

arad winwin fucks taylor reignRechristened Taylor Reign, after a porn sabbatical, he reappeared again at the end of last year. And today, he returns home to CockyBoys. “When it comes to sex, he’s confident enough to slip into total submission … and loving every second of it” they wrote. And they paired him up perfectly with the smolderingly and sexy top, Arad Winwin.

arad winwin fucks taylor reignIt’s really hot when they can lift you up in the air and put you wherever they want.” Wish granted.

arad winwin fucks taylor reignThat was more than enough to for Arad’s forceful side to get ignited quickly. Here he gives Taylor a mid-fuck slap and stroke.

arad winwin fucks taylor reignPart of Arad’s mastery as a top is his ability to be primal and passionate at the same time. Arad’s hand gets him close. Arad’s dick makes him explode. Immediately after, Arad’s blast pelts Taylor’s torso, his abs, crotch, and mixes with Taylor’s load as their tongues do some mixing of their own. Welcome, Taylor. Long may you Reign.

[Watch “Arad Winwin Fucks Taylor Reign” at CockyBoys]

4 thoughts on “Is Taylor Reign The New King Of Hearts?”

    1. Yeah, he also barebacked with armond rizzo in a scene with Trenton Ducati. I’m hoping they informed him of who he’d be working with. While I say he’s fairly boring and asleep, nobody really should have to be exposed to diseased individuals like armond rizzo and TIM people if they don’t choose.

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