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Arad Winwin Flexes His Fuck Muscle

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it” is especially true when you are built like Arad Winwin. And that applies to whatever, or in the case today, whoever, he’s doing.

“The Trainer: No Excuses” from Hot House is likely going to be remembered as one of the hottest movies of the year.

Through the first, second, third, and fourth scenes, each one has been a ball buster.

But all good things must cum to an end.

arad winwin rex cameron hot houseLike all the men in this series, Arad Winwin and Rex Cameron are no strangers to the gym on or off the set. If you ever wondered if working out makes you a better lover, just watch and after you clean-up for the business at hand, you’ll be renewing your gym membership.

arad winwin rex cameron hot houseThe dynamic shifts today. So far, it’s been the bigger men; Sean Zevran, Alex Mecum, Johnny V and Austin Wolf, and last week, Dakota Rivers, who were the instigators. Today, trainer Rex had the muscled mass that is Arad on his massage table. No wonder he couldn’t control himself. Or Arad.

arad winwin rex cameron hot houseBetween the sweat, the oil, and the man smell, Rex was drawn to every slick inch of Arad’s body like a moth to flame. Only Arad burns even hotter. And as you can see, so does his desire.

arad winwin rex cameron hot houseWhy just rim or finger when you can do both?

arad winwin rex cameron hot houseIt seems to defy physiology that there’s enough blood in Arad’s body to flex his muscles and keep his dick rock hard at the same time. But Arad is one extraordinary physical specimen. He gave it Rex just the way Rex craves it: hard and rough with freeflowing distribution of passion infused stamina.

arad winwin rex cameron hot houseWith Arad pumping full tilt, Rex shoots a geyser that hits him in the face then splatters down his torso. He pulls Rex down to the floor and Rex’s face becomes a landing field once again. Arad continues to be an alpha male to the very end as “The Trainer: No Excuses” turns out the lights at the gym.

[Watch Rex & Arad in “The Trainer: No Excuses” scene five at Hot House]

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