Are Austin Wilde And Anthony Romero In An Open Relationship?

Austin Wilde says that he and Anthony are “monogamish,” but Anthony Romero is clear when he says that they are not in an open relationship. Whatever you believe, one thing is certain: Here are Anthony Romero and Austin Wilde having a three-way fuckfest with a gay porn star whose name I refuse to try and spell.

I will copy and paste it instead: Arnaud Chagall. He is really hot, but I just wish his name was Arnold Juggle.

They are all really hot:


My favorite picture of Anthony Romero:

Trailer (via

[CockyBoys: Austin Wilde, Anthony Romero, & Arnaud Chagall]


25 thoughts on “Are Austin Wilde And Anthony Romero In An Open Relationship?”

  1. These guys are in a quasi-open relationship since they are hooking up with other guys through the means of porn. In some way it’s right up there with G4P, which is another phantom excuse for some guys.

    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and fucks like a duck…

  2. Whenever I see Anthony Romero I look at a guy who looks like he can take a monster dump. He just makes me think of poop.

  3. No matter how much this site tries to sell these dudes..i’m NOT moved and will never contribute financially to any of their endeavors!..Nice try tho..:-)

  4. I see that no expense was spared on pectoral highlighting makeup and/or retouching for that first photo. That’s a whole lot of titty that isn’t reflected in the other pictures.

  5. Ha ha the only way these guys are relevant are the weekly stories about them here. So much more going on than these stale guys

  6. This scene is trully hot. Arnaud is not one of my favorite models but i like him in here. You can see in the scene that they really like what they are doing (I don’t see the same thing with them and pierre) And that make it really good.

    I’m glad too that is seems Anthony and Austin didn’t broke up,hope they are happy and can make they relationship work.

    But,really,everyone should see this one,is a great job and incredible hot :).

  7. These photos are terrible. They make them look awful. Who ever did this didn’t really want to do a good job with lighting.

    Also, you can’t call it a relationship when:

    a. the two people don’t live in the same house, let alone the same town.
    b. they are in an “open” relationship.

    It is called being fuck buddies.

    1. So people who don’t live together aren’t in a relationship? What kind of ridiculous bullshit is that? There are plenty of successful long distance relationships… To diminish their relationship to “fuck buddy” status because they have a work/sex life that YOU don’t agree with is extremely narrow minded.

  8. this scene would have been totally hot if the guy with the chest tattoo and the shaved head wasn’t in it. that face could stop time.

  9. They are hot together and Arnaud is a cutie, but does he speak at all? The video was not as good as Austony but way better than the first scene with creepy Pierre… I’m just happy I was wrong last week when I thought they were over. I still see signs things are not very stable, but I hope they can work through things and make it work.

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