Are Steve Pena and Brent Everett Just Blatantly Stealing Every Michael Hoffman Video Now?

Either Michael Hoffman has set aside his earlier anger at Brent Everett and Steve Pena for uploading his videos to Brent’s paysite without his permission and decided to get in bed with them, at least business-wise, or Brent and Steve are just being shady and continuing to “buy” Hoffman’s individual video files and post them on their sites.

Following his unremarkable first threeway video (with a girl and another guy), which was promptly uploaded to this site Sexflexible (which someone suggested was owned by Steve Pena, and Sexflexible retweets Pena sometimes), Hoffman has just released two more videos featuring that same tattooed, big-dicked white dude he had the threeway with, only it’s just the two of them now — and thus a little more gay!

In one, they jerk off together on two far sides of a couch, no touching (but a few glances at each others’ hard cocks), and in another, the other dude rubs some kind of bodybuilder oil over Hoffman’s muscles — and that video is actually kind of hot even though no dicks come out.


And check out those cats who couldn’t give less of a shit.

But my question, since SexFlexible isn’t making any money off of these videos directly, is if Steve and Brent got permission from Hoffman for this, because I suspect not. Hoffman has taken to not even uploading his videos anywhere himself, and telling fans to message him on Skype because he seems to think this is the best way for him to make money from directly selling the videos one at a time. He also sold the bundle of his earlier videos, minus the new ones, to JuicyBoys back in July, and apologized to fans about this.

He obviously should have set up a paysite of his own at this point, but he also doesn’t seem super smart. Hopefully soon he will figure this out.

In the meantime, Brent Everett is making money off of him, like he did as a “public service” posting that sex tape where Michael fucked a girl

And here’s the duo jerkoff video, watermarked “Sexflexible” even though I’m pretty sure they don’t own the rights to it, in which Michael gets EVER CLOSER to doing actual gay porn, which I predicted months ago.



6 thoughts on “Are Steve Pena and Brent Everett Just Blatantly Stealing Every Michael Hoffman Video Now?”

    1. I am not a tat fan either ,but when they are on a really hot body, I can kind of ignore them……….although I am thinking, “why did he mess with a beautiful, sexy body with all that graffiti”?

  1. wait, steve pena is the owner of sexflexible? Are you sure about that?
    And no, i doubt Hoffman is in with beavis and butthead. they are buying the vid and posting them for free on Brent’s site. well some are for free. Honestly its the best thing to happen to that site in 3 years.

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