ashton summers fucks landon vega

When Stand & Deliver Gets Raw & Supersized

It’s twunk time again at Helix as Ashton Summers takes Landon Vega on a bareback tour of the kama sutra that goes both vertical and horizontal.

Last week, it was Shane Cook supplying some sexy twunkishness to Helix and today, it’s Ashton Summers.

Joey Mills got the previous workout. Today, it’s Landon Vega’s turn.

Once more, everything is supersized today: the cocks, the heat, the positions …

and the mess.

ashton summers fucks landon vegaHeated up latin hotties Ashton Summers and Landon Vega ignite the screen from the word go. Ashton takes control of the tasty bronze twink, getting between his legs and going to work on that mammoth member of his. Lust lingers in Landon’s back door as well so Summers calms the kid with a welcome tongue-lashing to the tush.” ~Helix

ashton summers fucks landon vegaThe foreplay is both lush and lusty. And perfectly timed. Not too long. Not too short. And the perfect build-up to Ashton’s “spit slick schlong slides all the way inside the boy’s butt with one beautifully long bareback thrust.”

ashton summers fucks landon vegaThe mid-air fuck. As I have often said, too often it’s just a novelty that’s over before it starts. Today is the total opposite. Ashton stands, delivers, and delivers and delivers and delivers.

ashton summers fucks landon vegaIt’s now Landon who will command your attention as he propels a load that travels more than across the room, but completely out of the frame. Then Ashton creampie Landon’s now very happy hole before loading it home and sealing their deal with a long, lusty kiss.

[Watch Landon & Austin in “Latin Lust” at Helix]

Twinks, twunks, or both?

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