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Just Put That Anywhere – Including The Controversy

“Didgeridoos create a one-of-a-kind sound … and can reach deep into one’s ass.” And not everyone thinks that is beautiful music.

didg·er·i·doo [dijərēˈdo͞o]
(noun) an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument in the form of a long wooden tube, traditionally made from a hollow branch, which is blown to produce a deep, resonant sound, varied by rhythmic accents of timbre and volume.

While may never win a scouting merit badge, I don’t believe they meant to offend anyone. But people were offended. Specifically, those who hold the didgeridoo as an important cultural symbol. See the articles in Star Observer (AU) and The Daily Mirror (UK).  (h/t to Str8UpGayPorn)

Well, we all learned a new word this morning. At the very least, Men is branching out. It’s not the same ‘ole family members having a crack at each other. Unless of course, the didgeridoos is supposed to be someone’s straight brother-in-law.

aspen fucks jack hunter didgeridooWhile we don’t know how the didgeridoo came into Jack’s possession, we do know he decided to get in some morning practice. Seems the not so dulcet tones interrupted the slumber of his roommate, Aspen.

So Aspen took the actions of any rational, but sleep deprived man …

aspen fucks jack hunter didgeridooHe snapped the offending the Aboriginal instrument over his knee and used it for payback.

aspen fucks jack hunter didgeridooHowever, Aspen wisely tossed it aside in relatively short order and continued exacting his revenge the old-fashioned way.

After creaming Jack’s face, Aspen went in for a taste kiss. Glad they could work things out. A good roommate, after all, is hard to find – and even harder to silence. Shh!

[Watch Jack & Aspen in “Didgeridoo Me” at Men]

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