Austin Avery And His Amazing Ass Are Finally Back

Sorry, I stand corrected: Austin Avery and his amazing everything are finally back. While his ass probably gets the most glory, every inch of this man is perfection, from the top of his beautiful head of hair down to his cute tan toes. (In between, there’s that toned chest, tight abs and big dick.)

After a small output from Austin in 2022, we’ve seen almost nothing from him this year on the studio front—which is tragic. But hopefully this new scene from Falcon’s Summer Flings is the start of a long streak of scenes from this gorgeous man. Even better? He’s paired with scruffy stud Carter Collins—and it’s a flip scene, giving us glimpses of Austin’s lesser-seen top side (yay!).

Austin Avery, Carter Collins Austin Avery, Carter Collins

Austin Avery, Carter Collins Austin Avery, Carter Collins

These two cuties start by smooching in bed, and we very quickly get a shot of Austin’s beautiful butt popping up, Carter spreading those cheeks to show off that hot hole—which he promptly munches. I can’t get over how stunning Austin’s ass is—and whenever it’s shown in full on camera, I have difficulty focusing on anything else.

Austin Avery, Carter Collins Austin Avery, Carter Collins

Austin Avery, Carter Collins Austin Avery, Carter Collins

Carter turns Austin over to suck on his big dick, then sits down on it (“Oh my God you’re hitting my spot!”). The two then switch, Austin getting pinned to the bed (there’s that ass again!) before turning over and taking it on his back—showing off his own big boner as he takes it.

Austin, don’t leave us waiting so long next time! Which side of Austin do you like looking at more? And what do you think of him as a top?

See the full scene at Falcon!

10 thoughts on “Austin Avery And His Amazing Ass Are Finally Back”

  1. Austin Avery is one of the hottest cock hungry bottom in gay porn. I do think he looks even hotter with a real short hair cut.

  2. Universal Potentate

    THAT was a great scene.
    I think I prefer Austin without the beard. Here, instead of a full beard, he has a 3-day beard.
    But that jawline and that cute face needs to be shown to the world.
    Anyway, great scene. Great pairing. The thickness of Carter’s dick does not go unnoticed.

  3. Austin Avery and Carter Collins are both gorgeous. Austin Avery´s face is very beautiful, that long, golden hair is amazing and his butt and asshole are just adorable. I particularly liked this review, as I believe Florida beauty Austin does not receive the recognition it deserves. I also praise the beauty of Ginger Carter Collins, who has a slender body and lush skin.

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