Austin Wilde Barebacks Dominic Santos In One of the Hottest Fucks of the Year

“I don’t know if it’s Dominic in general, or the fact he can suck his own dick while I fuck him…” said Austin Wilde on Twitter, bragging about limber scene partner and Randy Blue model Dominic Santos. Randy Blue described this bareback co-production with Guys In Sweatpants scene as “magic.” As for the rest of us, we may just be calling it the hottest scene of the year.

Last April, Dominic Santos reinvented the boring solo by sucking his own dick with a simple lowering of his head. While I tend to think if most of us had that ability, we might never leave the house, fortunately, the same can’t be said for Dominic who was back bottoming in Randy Blue’s first bareback scene with Jordan Levine. When Dominic asked for “a top with a giant dick,” they got Austin Wilde to answer the call.

Guys In Sweatpants was around seven months old when Austin Wilde made his careful decision to go bareback. When it was his turn on camera, he choose big-dicked Tanner Bishop and today, his co-star is even bigger. This scene with Dominic transcends the “lack the of diversity” in gay porn and relegates the condom controversy to the back burner because it delivers, plain and simple.

As for “Dominic Santos gets barebacked by special Guest Star Austin Wilde,” they say Austin fucked Dominic in “almost every position imaginable.” What leaves nothing to the imagination is seeing how a self-sucking Dominic actually looks while being simultaneously stuffed by Austin’s considerable cock and yes indeed, it’s magic.






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[Randy Blue: Dominic Santos gets barebacked by special Guest Star Austin Wilde]



6 thoughts on “Austin Wilde Barebacks Dominic Santos In One of the Hottest Fucks of the Year”

  1. What a hot hot scene, thhe part where they are both sucking his dick and then kiss is pure gold. Give gisp some credit they never had dumb story lines or tried to act they have guys who fuck on camera in one man’s house.

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