austin wilde dante colle flip fuck

The Austin Wilde & Dante Colle Flip: Wet Dreams Are Made Of These

GuysInSweatpants is Austin Wilde’s site. He hasn’t bottomed there in over a year. If he was holding out for a stud like Dante Colle to swap loads with, he chose very, very well.

Ever since they came back from their hiatus in March, GuysInSweatpants (GiSP) has been a steady pipeline of some of hottest scenes this spring and looks like that has become their new norm. We need it. And we’ll take it.

Austin Wilde is not just a hot man, he’s a smart one. As a result, he and GiSP have become the new home to porn stars like Logan Cross and Dante Colle, formerly known as Corbin Fisher’s Ryder.

First, a stop at The Sword’s Pornback Machine™
gay porn star dante colleWhat a difference a few years can make. Today, his etched, lean body are the things some men’s wet dreams are made of. In his two dozen-plus scenes at Corbin Fisher, he was known for his glorious hairy ass on the back and that multi-orgasmic dick on the front.

austin wilde dante colle flip fuckDante made his GiSP debut pumping two loads into newcomer Diego Diaz. And today with Austin, he’s playing doubles again. A coin flip resulted in Austin getting fucked first. Some guys have all of the luck.

austin wilde dante colle flip fuckI have seen fewer sparks on the 4th of July than witnessing the attraction between these two. Heavy making out, The wet cock worshipping are hot enough to get you off. But hold out. Yes; it’s one of “those” scenes.

austin wilde dante colle flip fuckRemember, the creampie Dante gives Austin is only the first time he cums. And that is only the halftime show.

austin wilde dante colle flip fuckAnd of course, Austin closes out this flip with a bang. A big bang.

[Watch Dante & Austin in “Dante & Austin Flip Fuck” at GuysInSweatpants]

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