Austin Wilde, Leo Grand

Austin Wilde & His Big Dick Finally Return After Long Hiatus

It’s almost…unfair?…that a man as gorgeous as Austin Wilde isn’t constantly filming studio scenes so that we can drool over every single part of his body. The abs, the legs, that big and beautiful 8-inch dick…this man is stunning from head to toe.

And the last time that we saw Austin perform in front of the camera for GuysinSweatpants was three-and-a-half years ago (boo!), when he creampied Mateo Vice (remember him?!). The wait has been agonizing, especially if you catch glimpses of him on Twitter. But we can all now rejoice as Austin is back, and he’s paired with hung and happy bottom Leo Grand.

Austin Wilde, Leo Grand Austin Wilde, Leo Grand

There’s nothing fancy about this scene, just two hot and horny dudes with big dicks putting on a show on the couch. I’m immediately turned on by the calm, quiet way Austin drives the scene, like propping up Leo’s ass to munch on it before he fucks the cutie’s face with his girthy shaft. “That’s a good boy,” whispers Austin as Leo goes all the way down to the base of the shaft and stays there (yes ma’am!).

Austin Wilde, Leo Grand Austin Wilde, Leo Grand

Austin also gets a few licks in on Leo’s dick, and then it’s off to the fucking. It’s hot to see Leo’s ass and Austin’s dick up close during the sit-down shots, the top’s big balls and shaft thrusting up with force (and seeing Leo take his turn driving that shaft). But it’s the sequence with Leo on his back—hard as a rock and looking up at Austin, who grips the bottom by the neck as he slowly enters him—that is the hottest. We get to see both of their bodies in their full glory, and it’s quite the vision. You can see and feel how excited Leo is by Austin, especially when he jacks his boner as he gets fucked.

Austin Wilde, Leo Grand

Oh, and the non-sex part with the two of them doing face-to-face pushups, kissing each other at the top as their groins grind? Adorable! For the love of God, Austin…don’t keep us waiting this long again! (“I feel a round two for us in the near future,” teases the top, so maybe more is coming up soon!)

See Austin’s return at GuysinSweatpants!


12 thoughts on “Austin Wilde & His Big Dick Finally Return After Long Hiatus”

  1. Barf!!! Take your stupid ballcap off. The nellie queen with the socks and glasses on could make any man turn straight. Gay porn at it’s absolute worst.

  2. Baseball cap is left on to cove4 the bald spots in case of top views from the camera! How anyone ca keep a pair of smelly socks on during sex is beyond me but everyone to their own. He’s nothing special but at least we don’t have to heard about plastic face Maddox!

    1. Dude, Austin shaves his head so are no “bald spots” for the camera to see. As far as smelly socks go, Showers are taken, assholes are lubed, and clothes for the scene are clean and ready to go

  3. When Leo said they were doing this scene I couldn’t wait for it and I was not disappointed. That is some sensually hot sex going on

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