Axel, Nick

Austin Wilde’s Hung Masked Bud is Back…as a Top

A few months ago in celebration of the 10th anniversary of GuysinSweatpants, Austin Wilde appeared in a scene with a buddy of his: a masked newcomer named Nick, a staying straight dude with a big dick of his own.

Nick took Austin’s sizable rod nice and hard in that scene. But seeing that big and beautiful cock on the bottom, I was hoping we would get to see him top some day…and that day has arrived! Nick is back and now he’s all top, and the lucky bottom who gets it is a newcomer named Axel making his studio debut.

Axel, Nick Axel, Nick

Axel, Nick rod

Axel enters the room to find Nick stroking his big uncut rod, and gets right down to sucking it (and impressively, all the way to the base). He then gets on his back to take it up his ass. Not only does Nick keep his mask on, he also still has his black long-sleeve shirt on (which is definitely a bummer and visually detracts from the action a little bit…I don’t wanna see this big massive blob of black clothes!).

Axel, Nick Axel, Nick

Axel, Nick Axel, Nick

Axel then sits down on that big cock, his bubble butt getting split (and I love how Nick’s toes curl as he fucks him!). Nick finally takes his shirt off (thank the lord), then pins Axel to the bed with his big dick—finally shooting a big and beautiful load on the bottom’s back and hole before giving him a kiss. How about we take that mask off next, Nick?

See the full scene at GuysinSweapants!


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