Austin Wolf, Reno Gold

Austin Wolf ‘Almost’ Fucks Reno Gold

It’s OnlyFans meets 4MyFans! For one of the latest hookups on the site, Reno Gold, an OnlyFans favorite, is linking up with Austin Wolf, the owner of content site 4MyFans.

For the vid, we get to see Reno sucking off Austin and Austin rimming Reno’s hole. If you’re wanting to see anything more than some oral action though, you’re out of luck. The scene has them “almost fucking” (Reno’s words – not mine) with Reno spreading his legs and Austin rubbing his cock on the OnlyFans model’s ass, but not much else. Meh. Take a look below and see for yourself with the trailer:

Let us know what you think of this hookup down in the comments and if you want to see more from this scene, be sure to watch the full video right now over at!

[Watch ‘Austin Wolf Hot Hook Up’ ft. Reno Gold & Austin Wolf]


24 thoughts on “Austin Wolf ‘Almost’ Fucks Reno Gold”

  1. Reno is such a con artist. A shame that people can get rewarded for putting out mediocre stuff. Id rather spend my money on someone who actually makes good videos.

    1. Universal Potentate

      Okay. I gotta say something. I see this nonsense in the comments TOO MUCH!
      Reno is NOT a con artist. At NO point did he offer something he didn’t provide.
      He does tease content. It’s a fucking genre. Maybe YOU dislike that genre. I certainly dislike it. But “not giving me what I want” and “not giving me what he promised” are not the same thing, you emotionally immature little boys.
      Burger King is not conning you by not offering pizza.
      Reno Gold is not conning you by not offering deep fisting and anal creampie, DP gangbangs.
      Take your schizo meds, learn how language & logic works and grow up!

      1. I agree. Reno isn’t a con artist at all and I subscribed to his OF and he actually has some really hot videos. I love his solo ass play videos the best. Bringing up schizophrenia was definitely not necessary though. We can correct someone without throwing mental illness under the bus.

        1. Universal Potentate

          Really dude? The other thing I find a deep character flaw in our society is hypersensitivity. Mislabeling (con artist vs. I don’t like it) is a way to inflame excessive action.
          So are “mountain out of mole hill” responses like “You can’t say schizo!”
          Yes, I can. It’s the analogy I chose for pointed yet slightly humorous effect
          Take your Bell’s Palsy meds to stop your hand wringing, learn how dark humor works and grow up.

  2. the kissing (yeah those 5 seconds) lacked total passion i lost interest at once, reno has a nice body, great ass, but beauty is not everything…and austin has become a caricature of himself

  3. UGH… I am so FED UP with Reno Gold. He “plays” at being Gay. I wouldn’t spend one cent on his OnlyFans or anything else. TOTAL BORE

    1. Since when is sucking cock not sex? Not every gay man has anal sex. There are gays that use toys but don’t take dick. Fucking is not the gold ring most porn makes it out to be

        1. No, I meant gold ring because so many gays are married to the idea that only anal equals sex, the rest is just hooking up

    2. I was replying to the first comment – “Let me know when Reno actually has sex” not the one about “since when is…” I totally think Reno is queerbaiting

      1. Universal Potentate

        Feel ya, David. Reno can market to whatever group he chooses. But I am not in that group. I like talent that is as or more talented than me.

      2. I totally think Reno is queerbaiting has to be the stupidest comment ever posted here. How the fuck do queers queerbait? Oh, wait, He “plays” at being Gay. He does a pretty good job at it then, sucking cock in his last 5 videos, including this one as the article says. So you’re not a fan? BRAVO, take your sour grapes trophy and walk away

  4. Meh? People are gonna bitch without even watching the full video. Let me tell you… IT. IS. HOT! So Austin didn’t stick his dick inside. Big deal. Not every “bottom” gets fucked. Frotting can be extremely sexy and you can tell by the way Reno’s body responds, he isn’t faking it.

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