Austin Wolf

Austin Wolf Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Police arrested Austin Wolf in Manhattan, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced June 28. He is charged with one count of distribution and receipt of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography.

An FBI search of his apartment on April 21 reportedly uncovered an SD card with “hundreds of videos containing child pornography.”

“As alleged, Justin Heath Smith received and distributed hundreds of recordings containing child pornography, including a ghastly video showing a young child bound, beaten, and raped,” said U.S. Attorney Damian Williams in a statement. “Our investigation into Smith is ongoing, and we urge anyone with information about Smith’s conduct to call the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI. Together with our law enforcement partners, we will relentlessly pursue those predators who victimize children and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.”

A conviction on distribution charges carries a mandatory five-year minimum sentence and a maximum of 20 years. Possession carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

Smith is charged with “sending and receiving hundreds of videos of child pornography via the Telegram application. Those videos depicted children as young as infants, including a video showing a 10-year-old child bound and raped. In addition to sharing child pornography via Telegram, Smith is also charged with possessing hundreds of additional videos containing child pornography in his Manhattan apartment.”

61 thoughts on “Austin Wolf Arrested on Child Pornography Charges”

  1. No shortage of guys that will tell you he is arrogant AF, loved to brag about the money he made and influence he had in the gay porn industry and that he could ruin anyone that talked shit about him online. The asphyxiation was creepy AF and some based on the kids reaction when he came to, were not consensual. One when the kid came to he was coughing and gasping for air, runs into the bathroom and AW says ‘you ok?’ And lets not forget why people have porn on this computer . . . he was jerking off to those child sex abuse vids. Sick POS. Karma is about to fuck him in the ass BIG TIME.

  2. Prisoners HATE people that rape children or infants! Hopefully he will be shanked in no time and will be forgotten. His life is over, fuck him!!!!

  3. It’s about fucking time. This should have happened a DECADE ago. He’s a PIECE OF SHIT who’s ego thought he could get away with anything. He needs to BURN, then ROT in hell. It’s about FUCKING TIME!!!!

  4. I reported him to Twitter numerous times for his “For My Fans” videos of child abuse. I got sick of watching him choking, beating, slapping and raping tiny boys who weighed less than 50-80 pounds who were obviously underage. Twitter refused to pull those videos and block his accounts. Twitter and Elon Musk need to be put on trial and held accountable as well for failure to take action!

    1. All his collabs on Twitter/X were with consenting adult content creators. That’s why they weren’t taken down. You don’t have to make shit up, it hurts the young-looking legal guys on there trying to make a living.

  5. Not an all a surprise, in fact such things are inevitable when a fixation with just-barely-adult males takes the next step (when it should be a leap as vast as Elon Musk not lying for a day).

    That being said I’d be careful being too judgmental of Austin Wolf because if you’re into dudes/porn featuring adults that look underage you might eventually be on a very similar road, especially if you get it into your head that no one is going to catch you.

    I’d even go farther. If you into/enjoy watching things like fisting you also might have problems down the road similar to Wolf’s in that you’re desensitizing (pardon the pun) yourself to things so when the next extreme pops up you might respond in a similar fashion, namely you’ve seen worse.

    As if you couldn’t tell, I believe in ‘nurture,’ not ‘nature’ as far as these matters are concerned.

    1. Can’t say I don’t disagree that fetishizing young boys who look underage is unnerving to say the least and even a warning sign of something far worse, hence all the side eye at Legrand Wolf now.

      You lost me at fisting being a gateway to extreme and illegal depravity though. It’s not everyone’s cup of crisco, but you’re going overboard to police something you disapprove of which has no obvious causation with something illegal.

      1. You’re missing the point.

        It’s the idea of extreme behaviors – which you gotta admit fisting is – that one becomes accustomed to pushing limits, going beyond the norm.

        And what’s more extreme than child rape?

        It’s all about the slippery slope.

        1. Yeah I don’t see the correlation when you start hopping out of that specific lane. Fetishes of having sex with underaged or underaged looking people doesn’t feel like yucking another man’s yums when it is so close to the edge of something actually depraved and illegal. When the actors actually look like father and very young son it’s unnerving and evokes an uncomfortable power dynamic.

          Otherwise, anything else is just a case by case basis of how a person acts. Fisting? It’s not my fetish, but I don’t see how getting off on someone in a controlled environment putting their body to that limit is a watchout for a pedophile-in-waiting. It might be a cry for medical attention or help with sex addiction, but it’s a giant leap to equate that with a warning sign for something akin to what Austin Wolf has done. Should BDSM be policed too? No, but if someone gets off on nearly choking a person to the point of unconsciousness, that’s as red a flag as can be. If someone watches a porno with a ridiculous kidnap setup and even worse dialogue does that mean they’re going to cross the line and reenact Silence of the Lambs? Probably not.

          Maybe I’m a hypocrite for coming down hard on Fun Size Boys crap and preaching sex positivity for most other fetishes, but in general I think you’re taking all nuance out of fetishes and lumping them into the same lane as something extreme and illegal and born of a very different mentality.

  6. The Sword is getting criticized for choosing a flattering, swoon-worthy picture of Austin Wolf.

    The Sword should be commended. It would have been much worse if they choose a less-flattering picture, especially now.

    Hot, handsome, hunky men can also be despicable, evil perverts. Too many women and gay men are shallow and idealize someone because of their looks.

    Well wake up.

    1. What did you think was going to happen. The guy is charged with having HUNDREDS of images and videos, including infants being sexually abused and of a 10yr old boy being raped. You think companies are just going to “wait and see”?

  7. ok…when u follow his only fans…..just younger, and much younger….he never fuck around in his own age…

  8. Maybe they should check out ‘Legrand Wolf’ as well? Obviously has a youth fetish and frankly is physically and demeanor-wise much creepier than even Austin Wolf is.

    1. Don’t worry…. Legrand is 2 seconds away from being convicted…. as well as a few others. They all think they are “untouchable”…. but they are ALL going down.

  9. What did you expect from this scumbag? His claim to fame for years was choking twinks to unconsciousness while fucking them. There was a video 2 years ago online of one of his tricks that didn’t wake up as quickly as he expected and he was panicking and running toward the door. It didn’t get far enough that you found out whether he was running to call 911 or was running to go on the lam in case the kid died.

  10. We as gays are in a tumultuous time where we’re being labeled as groomers and pedophiles etc…. Our rights are always fragile. What this nipple twisting dumbass has done is repugnant and sick.

    You are a big ass man who despite having extremely odd taste, was a main stay on the adult industry. You were fine sticking with younger/twink guys. The fact that you were possessing and seeking 100+ images and vids of juveniles. Some material depicting a 10y.o. being tortured physically and sexually and some material depicting sexual contact with infants?!?! There’s a special place in that prison and in hell for you.

    It’s time that we get the rest of the blindsided gays back to reality. Don’t let some muscles, dick and sexuality glaze you over from seeing the red flags. Austin has had numerous ones and a majority (myself excluded) just shrugged it off and made some running gag of his taste for barely legal. He’s obnoxious to people and co stars. He’s selfish and now he’s a pedo.

    Be aware of any men and women (cause he was fucking them too) who make light of this or who may have slight undertones of hesitancy towards this situation. They need to be monitored. remember where you’re placing your support.

  11. colton reeece is another one im skeptical of. the man is just strange and his “rough-play” comes across as creepy. I remember when he said he thought it was hot that Josh Mills became a porn star when he just became legal.

    1. Yea colton’s content seems a little too extreme, with vomiting and even bragged about blood, like WTF?! Must be being stuck on an island for so many years that it’s left him sexually messed up and somewhat repressed that now he feels he has to overcompensate.

  12. Is anybody really surprised!? Look at the rise and popularity from Cardinal’s, Boy for Sale and Gaycest to name only a few.

    1. …and yet you use a picture of him that will make the gays swoon
      You are deliberately sexualizing a pedophile, Sword. Shame on you

  13. Shocking said absolutely NO ONE! I called that p.o.s. out a long time ago and was threatened that he could sue me. That p.o.s. hopefully will be ripped and shredded by the prisoners. Infants and a 10 year old???? WTF???? He deserves the death penalty!!!! Fuck that piece of worthless shit!

    1. You didn’t say anything because you were worried about being sued?? C’mon. Stand up to people who you know are doing wrong.

  14. If Kent Barclay aka Gerard Courcy aka Damon Kruezer was still any kind of online presence he’d be defending him to the hilt. Kenzie always was a scumbag and this tracks with his reputation. I suggest the authorities head to Quincy, Massachusetts, and see if old Kentie is still out there

  15. This totally tracks. He’s a terrible person with a terrible reputation, ruins people’s careers for his own gain. And whether he’s the middle man or not. He deserves all the negativity he will get

    1. I have always thought there was something about him that didn’t feel right. Today’s news reaffirms that my instincts were correct.

  16. This is sad – he was certainly making enough money to get by – videos, personal appearances, etc. so why do this? I saw him on the beach in Greece two summers ago and everyone – I mean everyone was going crazy to talk to him! At lunch I witnessed two guys following him into the bathroom. Anyway why is still my question?

    1. There have been cases of successful doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc. that have been arrested for the same thing. Having great looks, money and success does not stop someone from being a criminal.

      1. Totally agree NO ONE is above being successful and thinking that they are better in relationships or in regarding children.. Children are totally OFF limits to any one

    2. Sad? He had access to some of the youngest-looking LEAGAL boys in the industry, but that wasn’t enough for him. He could have satisfied that kink but he chose to involve CHILDREN… BABIES in fact. Save your feelings of sadness for them. Imagine how fucked up their lives are going to be from now on. Around 50% of adults who are drug or alcohol-dependent were victims of childhood sexual abuse, and they’re the ones who actually make it to adulthood.

    1. The mere THOUGHT that such a video would even EXIST is horrifying enough but then you find out that a well known adult film actor is in POSSESSION of said video is beyond horrifying, it is despicable, reprehensible, not to mention “disturbing”, as well as downright DEVIANT!
      This is goes way past disgusting or any other superlative you wish to use

  17. Couldn’t have happened to a better piece of absolute scum.
    Good luck with all the nipple tweaking in Rikers Austin/Justin.

  18. Let’s see if he now gets his own personal bitches in federal prison, or if he becomes one for others there.

      1. Prisoners take a VERY dim view of child pornographers, whether they participated or they were trafficking it.

        He didn’t want to be a bottom before but he’s going to be.

    1. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 or 1001 it’s still 1 count for possession/1 for distribution. Unless he can point the FBI to the origin of the content, he’ll get the max. If he performed in or produced any of the content, it can become multiple counts—child endangerment, human trafficking, kidnapping, etc.

      1. And if he points the FBI to the origin of the content, he’s dead anyway. Either way it’s a win win for us.

    2. This is sad day for the gay adult industry and a worst mark for the gay community .This man has the given this world a another reason that homosexuals should be erased from existence.This is going to hurt all of us.

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