austin wolf fucks colton grey

Austin Wolf Makes Colton Grey Shiver In Heat

Colton Grey is the sling, spread, and “Blindfolded”. As for the latter, better him than you as you don’t want to miss a frame of this.

The inherent sexual tension is “Blindfolded” is that for the blindfold-eee, they don’t know what is going to be done to them next. For Falcon Studios Group exclusive (FSGe) Skyy Knox, that also meant whom, not who would be doing to him next.

Last week, it was Gabe Steele who found himself at the mercy of Jacob Taylor’s sexual whims.

Today, it’s Colton Grey in the sling awaiting mighty FSGe Austin Wolf. And Colton had no idea what the Big Bad Wolf has in store for his ass.

austin wolf fucks colton greyColton Grey continues to come out on the winning end of the twink to twunk gene pool. And Austin looks as solidly handsome as ever. He also today exhibits a knowing sexual confidence that empowers him to take the long road to sexual nirvana. Just his tongue alone has Colton’s body trembling. That is a state he’ll be returning to. Only he doesn’t know it. Yet.

austin wolf fucks colton greyThe aggression in the make out session sets the stage today as strongly as the sling does. Once he’s done with Colton’s mouth, Austin drills his tongue, then finger, deeply into his quivering ass.

austin wolf fucks colton greyThe sling sways with each thrust. When Austin goes full throttle, you can hear the echo of the chains rattling like a snake.

austin wolf fucks colton greyThe phrase “melting the ice,” like the entire “Blindfolded” DVD, has forever been given an upgrade with this move.

austin wolf fucks colton greyAustin stuffs Colton righteously on a leather sawhorse before flipping him over and pounding him until Colton explodes on his abs. As for Austin’s load, well even after a mid-fuck water infusion, the lad was still thirsty. Cheers.

[Watch Colton & Austin in “Blindfolded” scene three at Hot House]

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