austin wolf fucks scott riley hot house

Scott Riley Meets The Big Bad Wolf

Since we’re talking Austin Wolf, we know it’s him that meats Scott Riley. And the way Scott is looking, who can blame him.

In “Depth of Focus”, Falcon Studios Group exclusive Austin Wolf started out fully dressed. In today’s second scene from “Bathhouse Ballers” from Hot House, full dress consists of a towel.

On a big man like Austin Wolf, a towel doesn’t cover much. Which put things on full display, and within each reach of the hungry fingers and lips of Scott Riley.

austin wolf fucks scott riley hot houseLike Seth Santoro we looked at earlier today, Scott Riley is another one of that rare breed of men that gets hotter and hotter every time we see him – that includes his Hot House debut today. As for Austin, the big, buff body dripping wet under the water is almost as spectacular to watch as his beefy butt in motion with Scott as the target and recepient.

austin wolf fucks scott riley hot houseIn the communal shower, Austin grabs Scott by the balls and pulls him close. Scott tongues at Austin’s nipples. Austin starts probing Scott’s fine ass but deciding Scott was looking a little … hungry.

austin wolf fucks scott riley hot houseAustin’s big, tree-trunk like quads and hams were built by doing a lot of mid-air squats. Though today, what he’s building up aren’t muscles, but loads.

austin wolf fucks scott riley hot houseAustin flips Scott on his back and with Austin going deep and hard, Scott jerks out a thick, white load. Then it’s Austin’s turn. He though Scott was looking hungry earlier. So, he changes that with a direct protein infusion.

[Watch Scott Riley and Austin Wolf in “Bathhouse Ballers” scene two]

What’s better than seeing Austin Wolf fucks Scott Riley?
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