austin wolf fucks sean zevran

Austin Wolf Is Sean Zevran’s “Man Of The Rear”

The perfect bodies of Sean Zevran and Austin Wolf haven’t been together in far too long. This finale encore has been years in the making.

At the xBiz Awards this year, Falcon Studios Group exclusive Sean Zevran won the Gay Performer of the Year.

And today, he gets the real prize: being “Overpowered” by Austin Wolf in this Hot House finale. Did they save the best for last?

austin wolf fucks sean zevranxBiz crowned Sean the Gay Performer of the Year. Many of us consider him to be the Gay Performer of the decade. There’s not a square inch of his body not be lusted over. Austin Wolf is a mountain of muscle. His strapping body has leaned out and has never been so hot. And their bodies together are the things wet dreams are made of. Only this time, we get to see it with eyes, and pants, open.

austin wolf fucks sean zevranSean pocketed some cash and the jockstrap of his roommate Austin and almost got away with it. In hindsight, getting caught in the act was the best thing to happen to them both. “Don’t get mad, get even” was Austin’s MO. After stuffing Sean’s throat, Austin got up close and personal with Sean’s perfect hole and took us all along for the journey.

austin wolf fucks sean zevranHis next stop was balls deep inside Sean. This is a collision of flesh that needs to be an endless loop committed to memory.

austin wolf fucks sean zevranThis what the intersection of “fuck yeah” and OMG looks like.

austin wolf fucks sean zevranFew moments are as close-up worthy as this. Sean covers those tight, clipped abs with his DNA with Austin pounding away. Then Austin pulls out and doubles the mess. Austin nabs the money back from Sean. Does that mean Sean needs to be “Overpowered” again? If it means seeing these two go at it again, then fuck yes. And soon.

[Watch Sean & Austin in “Overpowered” scene four at Hot House]

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