Austin Wolf Fucks Skyy Knox in Anticipated Debut

Gay porn superstar Austin Wolf surprised many in the industry early this year when he signed on as an exclusive with, a studio he had never performed with before. The veteran began his career in 2012 at Randy Blue, quickly making a name for himself as he graduated to a bevy of hits with Falcon, Hot House and Raging Stallion.

His debut scene with Men has been highly anticipated, and we got a tease with his non-sexual appearance in the recent debut scene of Fast & Vicious, where he brings fresh meat to Malik Delgaty. Now Austin is back and taking out his cock in the follow-up scene, where his gangster intuition suspects something fishy from business associate Skyy Knox (who looks almost unrecognizable to me with no facial hair!).

Austin Wolf Austin Wolf

Skyy Knox Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox

Austin and his cronies (including the likes of Malik, Presley Scott and Leo Louis) are right: Skyy is an informant, and decides to “switch sides” when he gets caught, reaching for Austin’s muscle cock (side note: Is Skyy trying out a Boston accent there for a second? Bless his heart!). The sub gets down on his knees and worships daddy’s dick, and Skyy sucks like a champ—working up a hot mess of spit that clings from cock to mouth and drops to the floor (bravo, Skyy! One of the many reasons I love him).

Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox

Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox

The bottom then stays nice and stiff as he gets an aggressive fuck from Austin, who grips Skyy’s boner when fucking him missionary. Then in the doggy fuck, we get some beautiful low shots that look up at both of their hard cocks, Skyy’s meat bouncing around like crazy with each thrust. Skyy also takes his turn driving the action as he backs up on it, then sits down on Austin before more sucking and fucking fun.

Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox

Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox

What do you think of Austin’s debut? And of Skyy’s clean-shaven look? And how does this scene compare to their previous fuck at Hot House, when Logan Moore joined in the fun?

See the full scene at!


13 thoughts on “Austin Wolf Fucks Skyy Knox in Anticipated Debut”

  1. Both are hot. Austin Wolf is very intelligent. He has tattoos, but with class and style. They are not enormous, putting his perfect body down. And Skyy Knox is sexy and his wonderful body without tattoos is a class act.

    1. Universal Potentate

      He’s in a hat. Otherwise he looks the same as he always has.
      I swear I just don’t understand trolling. I know it exists. I’ve even watched the news before! So I know people make shit up just have something to say.
      But really? You just GOTTA make a damn fool of yourself by saying nonsense?
      Must be brain parasites.

  2. Not sure “anticipated” is the right word…unless it’s like I “anticipated” my first colonoscopy.

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