Austin Wolf Gabriel Cross Alexander Volkov hot house

Big. Bigger. Biggest.

With barely a hair to be seen, we’re not talking about the three bears.

It’s art imitating life today at Hot House as Gabriel Cross, Alexander Volkov, and Austin Wolf dial in the “Depths Of Focus” from a photo shoot to an all out fuckfest. In charge as always, Austin reached the depths of everyone’s every hole while Gabriel Cross gets spit-roasted in a mountain of muscle and cock.

Austin Wolf Gabriel Cross Alexander Volkov hot houseBetween his under-appreciated eight-inch uncut beauty and his ever-buffed out body, the “big” for Gabriel Cross doesn’t come from height. A few inches taller, from his glutes to his calves to his dick to his accent, there’s nothing about Alexander Volkov that isn’t big – including his sexual appetite. Austin Wolf is 6’4″ and 250 pounds of beef. Biggest indeed.

Austin Wolf Gabriel Cross Alexander Volkov hot houseIt’s actually Alexander who is his knees first — and that’s not with an empty mouth. Gabriel takes his cue, then takes his place. That “atta boy” pat of approval isn’t for show. It was earned.

Austin Wolf Gabriel Cross Alexander Volkov hot houseBent over the bar stool with a mouthful of English cock, Austin Wolf does the one handed jab-and-stab deep inside Alexander, tweaking his nips and licking his neck.

Austin Wolf Gabriel Cross Alexander Volkov hot houseThe stool becomes a lazy susan of sex as Gabriel gets spun back and forth and impaled at every turn. After Austin and Alexander pummel the jizz right out of Gabriel, he hits his knees again and his tongue becomes the landing strip for two heavy loads.

[Watch Gabriel, Alexander, & Austin in “Depths Of Focus” scene one]

1 thought on “Big. Bigger. Biggest.”

  1. I can’t watch Gabriel Cross anymore. He has a nice body but pretty short. But the biggest turn off is his excessive spitting. Every scene he’s in that guy is spitting constantly. Doing it in moderation is hot but he makes it overkill and a turn-off.

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