Austin Wolf, Presley Scott, Malik Delgaty

Austin Wolf Hooks Malik Delgaty Up With Fresh Meat

I guess this is technically Austin Wolf‘s debut, but you’ll have to wait until Friday for him to actually take his clothes off. Instead, he shows up to play wing man for his bros in the new Fast & Vicious series.

I know what you’re thinking: Haven’t we seen this homage before? Why yes, we have…most recently in last year’s Raging Stallion hit Fuck Me Fast & Furious (remember that yummy aggressive Cole Connor/Alex Mecum auto shop flip fuck?). But with like a billion Fast movies coming out of Hollywood, I guess the parodies are always timely. And when we get to see Malik Delgaty looking this hot as a boxer, who cares?! (I think Boxer Malik looks a little hotter than Cowboy Malik, but it’s a very close call…)

Mali Delgaty, Presley Scott Mali Delgaty

Mali Delgaty, Presley Scott Mali Delgaty, Presley Scott

Austin is a gangster, Malik is a boxer, and newcomer Presley Scott is a driver tasked with patting down the athlete (we first met cute Presley at Sean Cody, where he had a solo and then got fucked by buff Brogan in January). Presley gets turned on by Malik’s bulge, and is soon wrapping his lips around the jock’s cock…well, part of the tip, anyway (I hope the suck turns out better in the scene than it does in the trailer below, because that looks like it could be the worst BJ in history).

Mali Delgaty, Presley Scott

Mali Delgaty, Presley Scott

Mali Delgaty, Presley Scott Mali Delgaty, Presley Scott

Austin leaves them alone, and Malik drills the uncut bottom doggy before Presley sits down on him. The bottom then offers up his hole for a piledriver before getting on his back, a hot facial soon soaking his scruffy face. Why in hell Presley keeps his shirt on this entire scene is beyond me (why hide a chest like this?!), and I wish he was a little stiffer throughout. But again…Malik as a boxer is a visual I highly approve of!

See the full scene at!


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