Tony Genius, Ty Santana

Back for Round 2: Tony Genius Twerks on Ty Santana’s Big Dick

They both made their CockyBoys debuts earlier this year, and now Tony Genius and Ty Santana are back (at the same time) for Round 2!

We previously saw both of them flip at the studio: Tony with big-dicked Lane Colton, and Ty with big-dicked Trevor Brooks. And as much as I wished this scene was also a flip (sigh…they’re both versatile, so why not?!), we’ll have to settle for Tony being the total bottom here (a nice plot twist, as I probably would have predicted Ty would be the bottom). And yes, we have seen these two together before: Tony topped Ty back in 2021 at GuysinSweatpants.

Tony Genius, Ty Santana Tony Genius, Ty Santana

Tony Genius, Ty Santana

Also, can we stop for a minute and swoon over Ty and his eyes?! They’re just stunning, and I find myself distracted whenever we get a good look at them on camera. Otherwise, I’m looking at those hot cocks, which the the two jack together and engage in some hot swordplay as they smooch before some yummy sucking (including a 69).

Tony Genius, Ty Santana Tony Genius, Ty Santana

Tony Genius, Ty Santana
Tony then mounts Ty, the bottom’s hot boner bouncing up and down against the top’s tight abs as he rides. Ty then fucks him doggy, Tony taking control and showing off his juicy twerking ass as he backs up on that dick. Tony then turns over, showing off his hot bod (love that chest!) as he gets railed, the two soon squirting.

Who do you prefer as the top and bottom between these two? (And can we add a third for them to spit roast in their next scene please?)

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


16 thoughts on “Back for Round 2: Tony Genius Twerks on Ty Santana’s Big Dick”

  1. Oh man …. can’t wait to check this scene out. Both these guy are super hot and always put in an amazing performance. It’s taken too long to get them together!

    1. Always some dumb ass that has to bring race into the mix. Who gives a damn what color he is. You people are always bashing right wingers, their racist their racist. You’re worse than any one of them. Here’s two sexy young men (I love Tony) and this is your comment. Even if they are joking Big Gay Andy doesn’t matter. We don’t need it. Your racist people here should just keep your comments to yourself. We don’t want to hear them.

    1. I work behind the scenes and only reason cockyboys did this was because they were getting called out. But give them a week and they’ll
      Be back to only shooting white men

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