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Balls Of “Steel”

Because an 18-year-old boy toy will make even life’s most bitter pills a lot easier to swallow.

Your group of friends. Educated, career-oriented, and generally much more confident in the office than any place else. Like their personal lives.

Especially their personal lives.

That may be you. Or someone you know.

For director Sven J. Matten, it was both and inspired the script for “Steel”, the latest film to step into the spotlight on this Qreel Tuesday.

steel gay indie film“Steel” has been called “erotic psychological thriller” and centers on hotshot TV interviewer Daniel (Chad Connell) and his battles crippling anxiety with the help of Alexander (David Cameron) a sexy 18-year-old.

steel gay indie filmWhile not exactly light fare on the surface, “Steel” doesn’t take itself too seriously by over-reaching too heavily into the profound. It also features “gorgeous guys and gratuitous nudity” integral to both the film and the storyline. Matten knew who his audience and embraced them rather than pandered to them.

steel gay indie filmIn “Steel”“, Daniel is a very successful talk show host. But the day to day stress of staying atop of the ratings ignites a series of panic attacks have him retreating into his apartment.

steel gay indie filmDaniel is so private about his life — he doesn’t even admit he is gay — that it will take someone special to uncover all of his secrets.

steel gay indie filmThat someone arrives in the form of Alexander. Unknown to Daniel, Alexander follows him home one night and proceeds to infiltrate his life. He arrives unexpectedly to cook, have sex, and take showers. He also tries to coax the anxiety out of Daniel with the freedom of authenticity.

steel gay indie filmWhen Alexander encourages Daniel to confront his past, visiting the farm where he grew up, ““Steel”” gets down to its psychological as well as narrative depths with a twist at the end that both explodes and heals at the same time.


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