Barebacking With Candace: “Who’s Load Is That?”

You guys! OMG!! Intern Candace here, and boy do I have a hot bareback review for you in today’s Barebacking With Candace column. Check it out below!! The movie is called “Who’s Load Is That?” and it’s all about guys who’s favorite thing to do is take bareback loads from strangers!! It was directed by hot gay porn star Nick Moretti, who’s career in gay porn has taken a really hot turn!

Candace’s review of “Who’s Load Is That?”:

As a straight woman who’s taste in gay porn is very critical, I can tell you that it is soooo hot!!

Here’s a description of “Who’s Load Is That?” from the studio who’s website is called Gay Reality Porn:

The only thing better than getting fucked by a big raw dick and taking a hot load is not knowing who’s doing the fucking. Horny muscle studs wait with their asses in the air for anonymous strangers to fuck and breed them. No doubt that’s hot as hell. The only question is: Who’s load is that?

Be sure to pick up your copy of “Who’s Load Is That?” if your a gay porn fan whose into barebacking and also likes there sex partners to be strangers, to!



15 thoughts on “Barebacking With Candace: “Who’s Load Is That?””

  1. Seeing DVD’s like this kills my soul a little each time.
    Barebackers talk all this crap about how it’s real sex, there’s this magical connection without a rubber. What BULLSHIT. You don’t hear barebackers talking about the HOT guy they hooked up with last night or the hot sex they had, it’s all “hey gurl, i took five loads last night , how about you?” Kinda sad

    1. Bingo t! Did you also notice her misuse of “to” instead of the correct form “too”?

      Candace needs to stop her addiction to gay bareback porn and use her internship to learn correct & appropriate grammar.

      For now, can someone inform me what is so special about Nick Moretti?

  2. Candice! Girl, wha’ happan to your pretty picture? You all drawed out and stuff now. Anyway, that movie should be called “Who’s Bed Bugs Are These?” Cause that mattress is scary.

      1. Straightforward Isn't Cryptic, Dumb Ass!

        I love his pasta!

        Can’t wait for ‘Load Roulette’or the eventual sequel ‘Positive Pride Party’ where Candace’s gay twin, Candyass, tests in the affirmative after playing many nights of ‘Load Roulette’ and to celebrate he takes 10,001 blind loads over a weekend. Like ‘The Price Is Right’ meets ‘Human Centipede’ with a touch of ‘Precious’ & a sprinkle of ‘Fucktard 5’ (not Fucktard 4…too much origin back story for my tastes)

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