[Update] The GayHoopla Contest Winner Who Won a Fuck From Kyle Dean Is Actually an Experienced Porn and Webcam Model

The wait, if you were seriously waiting, is over.

We saw the outlines of his face and a body shot last week, but you can now see the whole package. We still don’t know this guy’s name, but he goes by his user handle run4miles, and was supposedly picked randomly and allowed to choose whichever GayHoopla model he wanted to fuck.

Anyone recognize him? Update: Yep, his porn name is Adam Wylde, he’s done some webcam work, and has appeared on Voyeur Boys, which happens to be a partner site of GayHoopla. NICE WORK TRYING TO TRICK EVERYONE, GAYHOOPLA.

And as Men of Porn notes, he also did a bit of straight porn for a site called Dare Dorm.


He supposedly picked Kyle Dean as his first porn fuck. A lot of you suggested that this contest winner wasn’t chosen randomly at all, despite this video with LaEl that was supposed to prove it was random, and it kind of stands to reason that it couldn’t have been totally random — they say they got 61 entries, and they asked for photos from everybody, so obviously they weren’t going to pick some old, fat dude. But would a contest winner from just a couple weeks ago really pick a model whose first fuck scene just debuted a couple weeks ago?

Sword commenter Jacob L has been following Kyle Dean under his real name on Twitter, and said last week that it’s all a bunch of a bullshit. “According to the personal twitter of ‘Kyle Dean’ — under his real name — he stopped shooting for Gayhoopla long before this supposed ‘contest’ and long before the supposed ‘shoot’ that supposedly just took place.”

Right, so, this could have been shot a long while ago, for all anyone knows, but it has succeeded in drumming up publicity for the site, which was their point, so, kudos.

Here is run4miles with Kyle Dean. It’s unclear when this actual scene goes live, but I guess this weeK?


Here’s LaEl’s version of the story:

Lucky fanboy run4miles was our winner and chose the young missile dick stud, Kyle Dean. When run4miles first won the contest, he actually started to get cold feet. After we gave him a night to think it over, he decided to move forward with it. Kyle Dean was actually flattered when he found out he was chosen for the contest. Run4miles wouldn’t stop complimenting Kyle on set, and definitely had a huge middle school crush. It was when he saw Kyle’s dick in real life, he played the “virgin” card…. “please be easy on me.” We’re not sure this was run4miles first time bottoming, but we’re happy to inform you, Kyle did not take it easy. He pounded that thing until his own dick exploded.

Doesn’t this kid look like a cousin of GayHoopla’s latest new model, Todd Hollister?


And will run4miles ever be back for another scene after this? Will there be some story about how he decided this was his chance to break into porn, and will he finally get a porn name?

And does this even look hot?









8 thoughts on “[Update] The GayHoopla Contest Winner Who Won a Fuck From Kyle Dean Is Actually an Experienced Porn and Webcam Model”

  1. They are releasing this disaster Monday. And of course all the gullible GH ass kissers will praise it for fear Landon will no longer love them. Just read the comments on HGF….that str8 mess of a site they recently launched. Members praise crappily produced scenes on there as well.

    1. You’re right. It doesn’t add up. As other sites are reporting, run4miles has been involved in various aspects of adult entertainment before. He does shows on Flirt4Free under the name Adam Wylde. He was also briefly on Voyerboys. And he has done porn on DudesDorm.

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