Behold the Huge Balls and Hot, Sweaty Solo of Sean Cody’s Latest Bearded Newcomer, Rhett

Following on last week’s home run from Sean Cody’s recruiting department, this week’s new face is another sexy motherfucker who’s insanely turned on by being watched.

Rhett says that being naked and jerking off/fucking on camera was on his bucket list, and here’s hoping he comes back to fuck a hole just as fast as last week’s dude, Shaw.

“I love having sex in public,” Rhett says, “and especially if other people get going on it, I get off on that.”

Cautiously (?), the Sean Cody team writes,

Rhett may be one of the more interesting models we have had here at SeanCody in a really long time. At first glance he appears pretty normal, that is until he gets horny and worked up. Rhett spends some time dirty talking with himself and really going at it. Even when the camera wasn’t rolling, Rhett couldn’t keep his hands off his dick. “I get really turned on man. I mean when I get hard, watch out cause all I want to do is fuck and stick my dick in a hole!”

He’s pretty clearly straight, and says in the behind-the-scenes bit that “nothing goes in my hole.” But he does like to play with it.

Also, he has really beautiful, huge balls, and he works up a major sweat jerking off and totally talks about his own cock like a porn pro. AND, he cums three times. Seriously. The biggest load he saves for the end, but he climaxes three goddamn times.





[Sean Cody: Rhett]

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